Zooper Tango Smart

By Published On: September 22nd, 2014

Thank you, baby product heaven, for the Zooper Tango Smart […]

Thank you, baby product heaven, for the Zooper Tango Smart Double Strollerr! As a first time mom to 6-month-old twins, adjusting to going out in public has not been easy. Our original stroller met basic needs but was very bulky and hard to maneuver. It became a nuisance to travel with, and I would often choose to stay home rather attempting to go anywhere. When the Tango Smart arrived at my doorstep, I was skeptical. Now, after using it over the past few weeks, I am singing its praises!
tango-smartAssembly is probably the only difficult thing about this stroller. The manual does not come with written instructions but instead uses actual pictures to depict the process. This might be easy for some, but I found the pictures to be small and hard to understand at times. Once I started to learn my way around the product, I was happy to discover it didn’t have any screws or extra parts to assemble. It  ended up taking me only 20 minutes or so from unboxing to completion.
While the Tango Smart is a side-by-side stroller, it is not very wide and fits perfectly through doorways. It is incredibly lightweight, easy to fold and even fits into the trunk of a small car. I found it to be wonderfully convenient during a quick shopping trip with my twins. Before, I wasn’t even able to go into a store without struggling to avoid knocking into displays or shelves. To my surprise, the Tango Smart effortlessly glides in all directions without these distractions. It is so lightweight that I can even push and steer it along with one hand!
I’ve also noticed the Tango Smart pays a lot of attention to the smallest details. Like most strollers, it has an adjustable canopy you can easily use to protect your children from direct sunlight. The Smart Tango takes it a step further by giving you the ability to enclose the entire seat. This provides a perfect place for little ones to sleep in peace during a nap. Plus, it has an amazing one hand recline lever, so the babies can go from sitting all the way upright to lying on their backs with ease.
Other protective features include a feet enclosure and a rain guard that can cover the entire stroller, both of which are sold separately. An adjustable footrest comes standard and prevents newborns from dangling their feet. The product website states it’s designed so babies can experience healthy bone development. I’ve never encountered a stroller made to simultaneously protect and care for babies so well.
tango-smart3The stroller also has a huge storage bin underneath that can easily hold a large diaper bag, toys, blankets or anything else you may need on a venture out. It also has pockets on the back of each seat. I found these handy when needing a place to store my keys or even a bottle. I do wish the cup holder was a little steadier and easier to reach, but considering everything else this stroller can do, it’s hard to complain.
They say it takes two to tango, but after a few days with the Tango Smart, I felt like I was able to do it all on my own. I would highly recommend this stroller to anyone. Its extra features are be a lifesaver for parents with multiples. I know it’s certainly saved my life in more ways than one.
Price: $323
To buy: zooper.com