Zooper Tango

By Published On: February 10th, 2010

The Zooper Tango is a great stroller right out of […]

The Zooper Tango is a great stroller right out of the box. It’s easy to figure out even without reading the directions (although I do recommend reading them!).
I have twin grandsons and their first stroller was a tandem. The tandem stroller worked quite well, but I am finding that this side-by-side style of the Tango works even better. One may shy away from the width of the side-by-side but I have had no problem with it at all. At 30” wide, it fits through all doors without a problem; of course, you sometimes need to be pretty precise lining it up to get through a smaller doorway.
ZooperTangoThis stroller is really maneuverable, even when using only one hand. It turns on a dime and is easy to take anywhere. The Tango folds flat easily with two hands and stands upright when folded. It is easy to lift and lie flat in the trunk. I have an SUV and still have plenty of room in my trunk for groceries, etc., when it is in there. I am sure it would fit nicely in the back of any car.
The Tango has so many features that make it very appealing for parents of twins or even different age siblings. First of all, the stroller is just great looking! One of the stroller seats is compatible with select car seat models, so a big brother could easily ride alongside his snoozing baby sibling. Both sides recline independently—part or all the way—to satisfy either child. The footrest zips up and there is netting at the head so when the seat is all the way flat it makes a perfect bassinet for an infant. It also comes with infant headrests to use when a baby is upright. The safety straps have collar pads over them so are comfy when the boys are buckled in.
The Tango also comes with individual canopies for each side. They have a pocket on the back of each one to hold all those necessary supplies. The canopies can be used as a rain or sun cover and each have a flap you can lift to look in a “window” at your child. The canopies also unzip and can open up to completely cover the seats if necessary. Super handy!
The basket area under the stroller is really HUGE! It holds a lot of supplies, but does have one drawback: The clearance between the seat and the basket is somewhat narrow so it is harder to get bulky items into the basket. The Tango does come with a cup holder that attaches to the handle, which is a feature that I really like!
The wheels seem small for this size stroller and are plastic, but so far I have had no problem maneuvering on sidewalks or grass. It even handles bumps well. However, if you are looking for a more heavy-duty all-terrain stroller, this might not hold up well long-term. Mine also includes a sleeping bag accessory that hooks right onto the safety belt and can be used as a sort of boot to bundle the passenger. They have definitely thought of everything with this stroller. I would highly recommend it!
Price: $499
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