ZoLi Buzz B

By Published On: March 29th, 2010

Written by: Candace March 28 2010 The only thing more […]

Written by: Candace

The only thing more terrifying than riding home from the hospital with your first newborn is coming to the realization that the tiny mittens must come off and the even tinier little nails must be trimmed. I was so scared to cut Charlie’s nails that I would bite them off. I know, I’m gross, but I was scared! What if I cut him? So I decided that nail trimming would be my husband’s domain. Until I came home one day to find Charlie’s thumb wrapped in gauze and bleeding. After that, I went looking for a better solution online.

I was stoked to find the Buzz B by Zoli. It is a battery operated nail trimmer that safely trims your little one’s nails with a gentle yet effective oscillating action. It has four different pads with varying degrees of roughness, so it can be used on the paper-thin nails of a newborn or the denser nails of an older baby. I tested it on myself first and the pad felt gentle on my skin, not at all painful. Next came Charlie—I was curious to see how it would work and quite pleasantly surprised that there was no crying (and best of all, no boo-boos!). I found that his nails were smoother as well, so there were no sharp edges left for him to scratch his delicate skin. Thanks to the Buzz B, there are no more scary nail trimmings or hurt fingers at our house!

Price: $25
Buy It: zo-li.com