Your BFF During Pregnancy App (plus a giveaway!)

By Published On: May 9th, 2011

Written by: P&N May 09 2011 If you're a person […]

Written by: P&N

If you're a person who sets alarms for tasks like taking medicine or uses an online calendar to email you reminders about things like your mom's birthday, Your BFFDuring Pregnancy by Parent Prep School is a great app to add to your iPhone arsenal.

You can sync the app directly to your calendar, and tips and helpful advice pertaining to your prenatal progress will automatically appear on certain dates—you don't even have to return to the app! (Parent Prep School offers this “girl-friendly note:” the app syncs with iCal on your phone, and iCal doesn’t offer a way to make calendar entries private. So if someone else at work has access to your calendar, be sure to go in and make entries private.)

The best part about Your BFFDuring Pregnancy is that the tips it provides are done with a touch of humor—no dry “Eat your calcium” reminders. For example:

“How to care for yourself post-pregnancy: Get the Tucks, bring disposable undies to the hospital (who wants to wear icky hospital paper undies), and have frozen cabbage or frozen peas in the freezer to stuff your bra – yes stuff your bra (try it you will feel much better)”

It's exactly what a great girlfriend would provide—practical advice from a non-medical source about all the stuff you really want to know.

And here's the best part: Tell us the best pregnancy advice you've gotten so far, and you'll be in the running to receive Your BFFDuring Pregnancy free for your phone. Leave a comment below!