Wrap stars

By Published On: December 11th, 2012

I love wrapping gifts. To me, it’s almost as much […]

I love wrapping gifts. To me, it’s almost as much fun decorating the box (or bag) as it is picking out the present to go inside. I’ve challenged myself not to adorn a single gift with a store-bought bow this holiday season, and I think I’ll have no problem sticking to it—I’ve found plenty of affordable (and smile-inducing) options that far outshine a regular old bow-from-a-bag. Yarn, twine, washi tape, fabric … all those things make me smile. And I’m confident they’ll make the recipients smile as well. If you’d like a little inspiration for your own holiday wrappings, allow me to share some ideas I found online for unique gift bows and ties. (And yes, as you can tell, I really like kraft paper. Is there a more perfect base for any present?)
Happy wrapping!
Wrap stars

Wrap stars by pnmag on Polyvore
handmade bow from magazine page / confetti / yarn / rolling pin stamped paper / recycled sweater wrap / Target bag bow / cupcake liner bow / fabric wrap / washi tape