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By Published On: January 7th, 2013

Written by: Lane Cotton Winn January 06 2013 I know […]

Written by: Lane Cotton Winn

I know this isn’t new news, but you find All Kinds of crazy stuff out here on the Internet. I’m not a big medical googler, but I do enjoy learning useless/little-known facts, watching silly/informative videos, and searching/obsessing for the best deals on baby-related paraphernalia. I may not feel the urge to look up info on preeclampsia or gestational diabetes, but man, oh man, do I partake in some other wacky World Wide Web searches!
Case in point: the other day, husBen was sharing his new knowledge about labor from his assigned Bradley Method book Husband-Coached Childbirth. (Yes, we have homework in our Bradley Method classes. He has to read several chapters a week from this book, and I have to do a gazillion kegels…and a few other “exercises.”) He commented that the author consistently compares a laboring woman to laboring farm animals. Having grown up on a farm, husBen has experienced the birth of one or two foals (baby horses), but me and my city upbringing were clueless.
I think the bucolic connection Dr. Bradley makes between us laboring women and the mares and heifers of the world is that something primordial happens during the process, and if we allow ourselves to let go of our fears, inhibitions, and doubts, we can be transported to this beautiful state of being that unites us with all of creation. (Yeah, yeah. I know what you’re thinking: Those are just my First-Time Mother dreamy thoughts.) But not having experienced any sort of labor or delivery on a farm or a hospital, I googled it. With husBen by my side, we watched the birth of several foals unfold on the iPad. I can’t say that it was like we were right there inside that smelly barn with the mare, but it was pretty cool to see where colts and foals come from.
Not long after our pastoral themed search, we also watched some clips online from The Happiest Baby on the Block featuring Dr. Harvey Karp, or as I like to refer to him: The Baby Whisperer. I know I’m mixing up my authors here, but Dr. Karp is a magician! He should wear a cape or superhero costume. Have ya’ll seen him in action? If not, google it right away. He has discovered—and is openly sharing this information with sleep-deprived parents around the world—the Off Switch on babies. Within seconds, he can stop a colicky baby from crying. He teaches the 5 S’s Systemfor soothing your baby, which are: swaddle, side/stomach position, shushing sounds, swinging, and sucking. We’ve got a copy of his book buried beneath all our labor and delivery books that we plan on reading, but if you need a quick fix, find him online for a short video. HusBen is searching for screeching babies to try it out on. He hopes to master this technique and use it at parties to impress his friends and co-workers. (There goes our social life…)
My most recent pregnancy-related interwebs escapade came through a Facebook post of a music video parody called Pregnant and I Know It. It is a hilarious caricature of all things pregnancy. The knocked up momma in the video has got some moves, too! It’s certainly worth checking out for a girl-power laugh and a reminder to not take yourself or this gestational time too seriously.
Pregnant and I Know It (Funny Music Video!) from keephopealive on GodTube.
I could go on and on about my Internet habits these days. What do you find yourself researching online? What has been helpful, harmful, healing, or made you happy online?