Wonderful world of toys

By Published On: July 13th, 2012

Written by: Christopher Spicer July 13 2012 We’ve bought Everett […]

Written by: Christopher Spicer

We’ve bought Everett a fair bit of toys. Many of these toys he has had for several months. I need to admit that for the first few months, it doesn’t seem like toys are all that thrilling to a baby. They often just ended up being something I entertained myself with as I got distracted from work. Everett has finally reached the age where toys are starting to become fun and are things that cause him to squeal with glee. Or at least, they’ll distract him for a few minutes from gnawing away on his fist. Here are a few of Everett’s favourite toys.

Sophie the Giraffe: If I want to see Everett unleash a room warming smile then all I have to do is squeak Sophie. Everett loves the noise Sophie makes, plus it has the added bonus of getting Summit’s attention who Everett also loves. Everett has had some of his most profound discussions with Sophie, even though she always has the same point to make. Once the conversation gets a little dull, Everett entertains himself by gnawing on Sophie’s hoof.

Stuffed Bear: Okay, Everett has an army of stuffed bears. He also has a stuffed dog and a stuffed giraffe (though the giraffe’s main purpose is to play sounds to soothe Everett into a deep slumber). He basically plays with all these stuffed characters the same way. He’ll roll towards his stuffed pal, put it in a headlock, and then chow down on its forehead. Are you sensing a theme yet in Everett’s form of play?

Play Mat: Besides his parent’s arms, this is his favourite place to be. He often spends close to a half hour on the mat entertaining himself. The mat contains several stuffed toys that dangle from above. He’ll often talk to them, and now, he always grabs him for them. I’ll often turn around to see a stuffed bird in each hand, and sometimes, he even pulls one right in his mouth (I’m as shocked as you that he does this). He has also learned that kicking the stuffed poles cause the birds to rattle, which usually makes him squeal with delight. It is a blast to watch Everett discover all the features of his play mat. I’ve also learned that it is important to actually watch Everett on his mat, because after about 5 minutes, he’ll usually be off the mat and under a chair.

Sir-Prance-A-Lot: This is a stuffed house with a small knight on top. It is different than other stuffed toys because it is full of different features. The knight squeaks; the horse’s nose rattles; rings dangle; midsection has crunchy fabric; essentially, the toy is full of things to explore. The first thing Everett did was chew the horse’s ear, but he has since started to discover some of the other parts of the toy. He now gets very excited when we bring this toy near him, and he has shared some pretty special moments with it.

These are some of Everett’s favourite toys, and they’ve all experienced a healthy dose of his drool. What are some of your baby’s favourite toys?