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By Published On: December 30th, 2011
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White after Labor Day?I say go for it—especially when you’re […]

White after Labor Day?I say go for it—especially when you’re considering it for your kiddo’s quarters. The fresh and airy scheme can be both soothing and uplifting, and will provide a welcome reprieve from the loudly colored playthings that may be scattered throughout the rest of your home.
I know some parents may balk at the thought of a sure-to-show-dirt space, but experienced moms know color-free decor plays nice with bleach.So if you’re not afraid of an abode that looks to be snow-covered—or are at least willing to incorporate a couple elements of the clean, crisp and calming hue—peruse the picks below. There’s a mobile, night-light, wall display, floor lamp, diaper caddy, sheepskin throw, dresser, crib, clock and rocker, all for your decorating pleasure.
Winter white
Winter white by pnmag on
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Would you ever create a “white out” in the nursery? Or does it seem to impractical to you? What do you think of the clock? I love that you can write on it. I’m imagining “Time to eat!” might unfortunately be an appropriate substitute for “3” (especially a.m.)?

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