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Sweet potatoes: Chock-full of vitamin A, sweet potatoes are a […]


Sweet potatoes: Chock-full of vitamin A, sweet potatoes are a natural antiviral because they strengthen the skin’s protective barriers against infection.
Garlic: Rich in anti-oxidants, garlic helps combat free radicals that could damage cells and potentially lead to disease. Avoid supplements though; excessive amounts could be dangerous during pregnancy.
Yogurt: Healthy probiotics found in yogurt can suppress the growth of harmful bacteria in the intestines and improve immunity.
Mushrooms: Eating vitamin-rich varieties like mitakes and shitakes can aid white blood cells in fighting off infection.
A special thanks to Kristin Coppage, MD, maternal fetal medicine specialist at TriHealth’s Good Samaritan Hospital in Cincinnati, Ohio. and Lawrence Rosen, MD, a pediatric care specialist in Oradell, New Jersey, for sharing their expertise.

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