Wink Shapewear Nurse N Blast tank top

By Published On: March 5th, 2012

Written by: Suzanna March 05 2012 Since giving birth to […]

Written by: Suzanna

Since giving birth to my little guy four months ago, I’ve done my best to get my body back into its prepregnancy shape. After months of nursing, exercise and a healthy—okay, mostly healthy—diet, the numbers on the scale now read the same as they did before baby came long. Unfortunately, in this case, numbers DO lie, and my hips and tummy are a shadow of their former selves—a softer, lumpier, larger shadow.
In an attempt to smoosh everything back into shape, I’ve amassed an arsenal of undergarments. But, there is one that trumps them all—the Wink Shapewear Nurse N Blast Tank Top. This tank, with its under layer of medical-grade compression material, has enough smooshing power to fool even me into thinking that my midsection has returned to normal.

None of my other shapewear has been able to whittle my middle the way the Nurse N Blast tank has. Because my goes-with-everything white tank is long enough to extend past my hips, even the dreaded muffin top that appeared after my munchkin was born is no match for the tank. That means maternity pants are out, my prepregnancy jeans are back in rotation, and I am one happy girl.

Even friends and family members remark on how tiny my waist looks when I wear the Nurse N Blast. Though I always let my new-mom friends in on my secret, to others I simply smile and say “thank you.” A girl can’t give away all her secrets, after all.

Besides helping me get back my girlish waistline and fetch a few compliments, the tank also helps with those unsightly back bulges since soft cups eliminate the need for a traditional bra. Another bonus of the built-in bra: I don’t have to put on a nursing bra in the morning. And, being one step closer to getting out the door when you’re a new mom is as good as getting rid of back fat and a muffin top … okay, almost as good.

Though the tank has a lot going for it, it’s not without its flaws. What makes the tank so great—its heavy-duty compression power—also makes it difficult to put on. I had to ask for my husband’s assistance the first time or two around, but I’ve now mastered the art of getting it in place. The key is to pull the compression layer down before adjusting the outer cotton layer.
And, while I appreciate the tank’s nursing function, it can be tough getting a strap back on after unhooking it. Because of the tank’s design, the back strap has a tendency to fall behind my shoulder, where it can be difficult to locate and reattach without help.
For its few drawbacks, the tank is definitely a worthy indulgence for nursing mamas. Having a new baby makes you feel like a new woman, but you shouldn’t have to look like one. With the Nurse N Blast, you can get back to your pre-baby shape in a snap and make nursing easier to boot. In my book, that’s a win-win. Now, if I only had one in black and in pink …
Price: $75