Win it: The Ollie World

By Published On: November 17th, 2014

The contest is now closed. Congratulations to Bokhyun (CA)! Although […]

The contest is now closed. Congratulations to Bokhyun (CA)!
Although you and your little both wish you could cuddle all day and night, there are times when you have to put him down to rest. Swaddles are a perfect solution for keeping infants cozy, but many don’t stay put as your baby snoozes—or aren’t snug enough to provide that comforting pressure babes love. Thanks to the mama behind The Ollie World you can wrap your itty-bitty burrito with a swaddle that moves with him through the night, while keeping him comfy and cool.
TheOllieWorld_Swaddle_DiaperChangeStretchy, soft and breathable, this swaddle is designed to reduce overheating and improve quality and duration of sleep. We know the security of swaddles helps keep infants calm—and the Ollie swaddle is perfect for keeping them tucked in all night long and encouraging self-soothing skills. Depending on your baby’s size, the top Velcro closure allows you to wrap him tightly when he’s younger, but is adjustable as he grows and has more mobility. (And don’t worry about diaper changes—they’re a snap in this wrap. When you finish the dirty deed, you can fold the bottom up under the Velcro closure, or you can use the handy elastic loop to keep little legs tucked in—but free enough to kick those feet!)
TheOllieWorld_Ollie_Swaddle_Pink_Blue_TailsYour babe will be happier when he sleeps, and you can rest easy knowing he is safe and content in The Ollie World’s capable swaddle. Plus, the lucky winner will get to choose TWO swaddles in pink or blue—perfect for twins or if you just need a handy backup.
TheOllieWorld_Ollie_Swaddle_Pink_Packaging_IncludesOne lucky winner will receive a set of two Ollie Swaddles in the color combination of her choice (two pink, two blue, or one of each), valued at $96. The contest will run through Sunday, November 23. Enter once a day to increase your chances, and check back next week for the announcement of the winner! Those who don’t win don’t have to miss out—The Ollie World is giving Pregnancy & Newborn readers a 20 percent discount with the code: PNMAG.[gravityform id=”293″ name=”November 2014 — The Ollie World”]