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By Published On: November 21st, 2012

Written by: P&N November 20 2012 'Tis the season to […]

Written by: P&N

'Tis the season to be out and about and on the road to visit family for the holidays, and if you've got a baby on board, you're likely toting around all the paraphernalia associated with her mealtime. You may be tempted just to scrap the warm water-bottles in favor of the easier, faster, cold water option for convenience sake, but in addition to your little one potentially turning up her nose at the chilly liquids, here are some other good reasons to heat the bottle she eats:

• Warming bottles increases calming effects by releasing Tryptophan, Serotonin & Melatonin.

• Warm water mixes with powder formula better.

• Tepid bottles mimic mother’s breast milk temperature and are naturally easier for baby to digest.

• Warm formula and breast milk retain nutrients better when warmed with slow even heat.

For warm bottles on-the-go, Warmze is a great solution—requires no batteries or microwave or boiling water, and is a simple go-to for heating your babe's meal. You can use it on a plane, you can use it on a train!In a store, out of doors!At the zoo, in the mall, too!Basically anywhere you need to feed your little one, the Warmze can make it happen.

It's easy to use, and only has two steps:

Slide the BottleSOC on your bottle (works with most brands), and pull up the outer layer. Attach activated warmer around inner layer of BottleSOC by wrapping, and pull down outer layer of BottleSOC. Heats in 30 seconds.

Five readers will win a Warmze starter kit!To enter for your chance to win, click here. Contest runs through Sunday, November 25.You can enter once daily to increase your chances. Good luck!

Congratulations to our winners: Lindsey from Honolulu, HI; Desiree from Griffith, IN; Brianna from Brick, NJ; Jana from Deer Park, IL; and Carmel from Denver, CO!