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If you think that all prenatals are created equal, think […]

bsIf you think that all prenatals are created equal, think again. Before you pop those all-important supplements, read the label and make sure you’re getting the one that’s best for you and your budding babe.
Brainstrong Prenatal is a complete prenatal multivitamin and DHA supplement that provides important nutrients for growing babies. DHA—the crucial omega-3 fatty acid that helps with development of baby’s brain, eye and nervous system is often obtained from fish sources in most prenatals, but Brainstrong Prenatal’s DHA is derived from a natural vegetarian source, reducing the chance of contamination from toxins or pollutants.
Did you know? Approximately 70 percent of energy supplied during fetal development is devoted to the brain and DHA deficiencies in the mother can affect the baby’s brain development. A workshop sponsored by the National Institutes of Health and International Society for the Study of Fatty Acids and Lipids recommended an intake of 300mg a day for pregnant and lactating women. Brainstrong Prenatal has 350mg DHA to help support a healthy pregnancy and baby.
This week, five moms will win a month’s supply of prenatals from Brainstrong Prenatal! To enter for your chance to win, click here. Contest runs through Sunday, January 27. You can enter once daily to increase your chances!
UPDATE: Contest is now closed! Congratulations to the winners,Cristina W. of Bloomington, IN; Jennie M. of Reno, NV; Alicia M. of Albany, MN; Catherine L. of Mesa, AZ; and LeighAnn G. of Steep Falls, ME!

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