Win It: Mello & Co.

Congratulations, Kristina, Maggy, Kathleen, Ocean and Jordan. The contest is now closed.
If your baby is gnashing his or her gums over cutting teeth, here’s a little something to soothe the ache.
The Award-winning Nawgum is the all-in-one teether for babies aged zero to 24 months. Unlike other products, this universal teether is designed to manage all areas of the mouth, during all three stages of baby’s oral development: gumming, front and side teeth, and back molars.
Nawgum eliminates the need to purchase multiple products over a prolonged period of time as baby cuts his or her new teeth. Nawgum is the first and last step to soothing baby’s sore gums throughout the entire teething process.
Miss seeing baby’s gummy grin? This week, five lucky mamas will win a Nawgum teether from Mello & Co. Keep reading for all the details, and enter once a day for your chance to win!
Five lucky mamas will receive one Nawgum teether from Mello & Co., valued at $20. The contest will run through Sunday, June 22. Enter once a day to increase your chances, and check back next week for the announcement of the winner![gravityform id=”216″ name=”June 2014—Nawgum Win It “]