Win It: Free diapers from Huggies

By Published On: October 3rd, 2012

Written by: P&N October 02 2012 The moms at P&N […]

Written by: P&N

The moms at P&N know one of the best phrases to hear when you've got a little one at home is “free diapers.” Every little bit counts when it comes to the baby budget department, and so a chance to win a stash of nappies is an exciting prospect.

Ask anyone, parent or not, to name a diaper brand, and chances are Huggies will get a mention. Long-loved by moms and dads for keeping their little ones' messes contained while keeping baby comfy, Huggies is always working to create the best fit for tiny tushes, and when it comes to rollers, creepers, crawlers and walkers, their Little Movers line is up to the task.

The SnugFit waistband on Huggies Little Movers Diapers help to keep the diaper in place like no other diaper. With lovable characters like Disney's Pooh and Tigger, the secure fit is cute as well as comfortable. Their patented LEAK LOCK