Win It: C-Panty and Shrinkx Hips postpartum care package

By Published On: March 28th, 2012

Written by: P&N March 27 2012 Healing your body is […]

Written by: P&N

Healing your body is an important step of recovering from pregnancy and delivery, but it can be time consuming and let’s face it—it’s not always possible to squeeze a little mommy R&R into a schedule packed full of feedings, diaper changes and sleepless nights. Enter two fabulous products to help you bounce back to your pre-baby self (or at least a close approximation) without a lot of extra effort.

C-Panty is here to help moms recovering from Caesarean sections. These seamless underthings feature a layer of silicone to cover, protect and heal C-section incisions, ultimately reducing swelling and the appearance of scars. C-panty also has a line of undies for moms who didn’t deliver by C-section but still want to flatten their tummies after giving birth.

Thanks to Shrinkx Hips postnatal belt, there’s no need to still feel like a wide load. The hormone Relaxin, which helped your pelvic joints and ligaments relax and expand in order to make room for baby, stays in your system for about 8 weeks postpartum. This postnatal belt takes advantage of your still stretchy ligaments by applying gentle but constant and even pressure to guide your hips back to their pre-pregnancy size and position (and sometimes even smaller!).

This week, one lucky new momma will receive both a C-Panty and a Shrinkx Hips postnatal belt!Click here to enter. Contest will be open through Sunday, April 1. You can enter once daily to increase your chances!

UPDATE:Contest is now closed. Congratulations to the winner, Soon P. of Norwalk, CA!