Win it: Belly Armor

By Published On: July 27th, 2015

This contest is closed. Congratulations to Zemmi (AZ), Avril (OH) […]

This contest is closed. Congratulations to Zemmi (AZ), Avril (OH) and Heather (OR)!
The expectant crowd takes a whole lot of precautions to ensure their babes-to-be are healthy and safe. You carefully consider what foods to put on your plate and inspect the ingredient lists on your go-to beauty products. Maybe you even switched to a greener cleaning method around the house. Buy have you ever thought about how-to protect your baby bump from radiation?
Thanks to Belly Armor, shielding your growing babe from everyday radiation exposure just got a lot easier.
It’s been a while since our last science class, so let’s go over the basics: Radiation exists naturally, but our exposure to it has increased because of man-made sources. It can be high-energy (like x-rays) or lower energy, which we experience every day. (Think cell phones, computers, mp3 players, TVs and more.) Belly Armor helps protect against the latter.
Using their RadiaShield fabric, which neutralizes incoming electromagnetic waves, Belly Armor offers parents everything from belly blankets to maternity tops to nursing covers, so you can keep your little one safe at home and out and about. The material shields your bump as effectively as a ¼-inch thick piece of aluminum—but with a comfortable, breathable fabric.
With the peace of mind that Belly Armor brings, you might even forget that this cozy cover is really a shield in disguise!
Three lucky winners will receive a rouched v-neck maternity tee and a nursing cover, from Belly Armor, valued at $100+. The contest will run through Sunday, August 2, 2015. Enter once a day to increase your chances, and check back next week for the announcement of the winners![gravityform id=”392″ title=”true” description=”true”]