Who’s in there?

By Published On: March 17th, 2010
Written by: Ginny

I am only days away from finding out the gender of my baby … I’m so excited I almost can’t take it! My pregnancy will seem so much more real to me once I know what I’m having—it will change everything.I’m tired of saying “he or she” and “your new brother or sister.” I think 2-year-old Charlotte and I will both be able to better imagine adding a baby to our family when we can decide on a pronoun, at the very least! (I don’t know if Shawn feels the same way—he called Char a “he” until the ultrasound proved otherwise, and he’s doing the same so far this time around.)

I feel like I’ll be better able to organize my thoughts and plans when we have the gender figured out. I can get more serious about naming, pick out clothes, and get started on style ideas for the nursery (if only our Design to die for blogger Kera—a personal friend of mine—didn’t live oceans away!). In every way, knowing the gender will help me to visualize the future.
With pregnancy number one, Shawn and I decided that if the ultrasound showed a boy, we would go out for a steak dinner to celebrate; if it revealed a girl, we would go to The Cheesecake Factory (which is pretty girly in my book). Shawn was really counting on that steak, but we had a fun time at The Cheesecake Factory anyway! I had a hair in my food, and I was pretty grossed out about it at the time, but looking back, I wonder if it was a lucky hair. My daughter arrived healthy and wonderful, and now she has a gorgeous ‘do.
This time, I’m thinking about Uncle Julio’s Mexican in Sandy Springs, Ga. if it’s a boy, or The Fickle Pickle (a cute restaurant set in a Victorian cottage in Roswell, Ga.) if it’s a girl. And even if there are two hairs in my food, I won’t complain; rather, I’ll take it as a good omen. But if there’s a fingernail, that’s another story …
Get ready for a big announcement next week!