While you were sleeping: Analyzing your pregnancy dreams

By Published On: February 6th, 2012

Ever wonder what the heck’s going on in that wacky […]

Ever wonder what the heck’s going on in that wacky prenatal nighttime brain of yours? Here are some of the most common pregnancy dreams and their meanings.
Although it generally signifies new birth and represents an increase in wisdom, water that engulfs you can be indicative of worry or anxiety.
Small animals.
These little creatures remind us to trust our instincts. Birds can represent a spiritual awakening while snakes can mean a transformation or renewal.
Structures are versions of the self. Different floors may represent different levels of awareness of your growing and changing shape.
Anything pertaining to the act of delivery means an emergence of a new self or the addition of a new aspect to one’s life. Such a dream may involve giving birth, witnessing birth, assisting birth or being born. (Or maybe you’re just dreaming about your impending arrival.)
Past loves.
The appearance of former flings can be alarming but rest easy knowing it represents a liberation of sexuality or a cleansing of the psyche. It’s your brain’s way of tying up loose ends to make room for the new love you will give to your baby.
Common during the last trimester of pregnancy, this dream anticipates the birthing process.
A bed.
The four posts represent sexual intimacy and the foundation of your marriage. You may be worried about the status of your relationship once a new baby is in the picture.
Source: The Encyclopedia of Dreams: Symbols and Interpretations by Rosemary Ellen Guiley
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