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About a girl … Instagram handle: @livingnotes City living: Los […]

About a girl …

Instagram handle: @livingnotes

City living: Los Angeles, California

The home team: Nikola (14), Nadya (12), Yeva (9), Vasilisa (6), Evyianne (4),
Elia (2), Elisey (8 months)

Mini or maxi: Both!

Good morning: 5 a.m.

Good night: 12 a.m. (not a typo)

Favorite city: This is a hard one. I think Paris for gorgeous architecture, food and style. L.A. for amazing climate and chill attitudes. And NYC for its uniqueness and culture.

Shopping glee: Nordstrom is my favorite—cliché, I know, but they have great selections!

On her fashion sense
I’m a chameleon! My style morphs to my mood. What I wear is solely designed by how I feel that day. If I feel confident and good about myself, my entire day is a success.

On her biggest splurge
A designer bag. I have been thrilled with the investment ever since. It has saved me so many times, making the most bargain outfits look amazing.

On her style mantra
“Better less, but better.” I would rather have less options but of a better quality. And “less is more” when it comes to jewelry and accessorizing. I love a bold statement piece, but I will fall back on delicate, feminine pieces if in doubt.


On her self-care
I think that daddy time is an essential part of raising kids, so I send them to playgrounds or have my husband take over at night, while I have my nightly bath ritual (lol). I also love my time in the mornings. If I have to, I will wake up an hour earlier to have some time to myself in quietude. Also, contradictory as it may seem, work is something I love doing, so I rest mentally from less glamorous motherhood moments when I create.

On her reality
I hear a lot of, “You are a Superwoman!” especially when people find out that I am a mom of seven. The truth is, I am no more of a super woman than any woman that walks this earth. I firmly believe that motherhood is not defined by a number of children, and every woman is a mother to someone. And to all first-time moms out there: When my first baby was born, I felt like an apocalypse happened. It was insanely hard, and I don’t think anything can compare to that time up to date. So pat yourselves on the back. Dishes can wait. Laundry piles won’t run away. Spend time with your baby—you are doing great!


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