Where the green grass grows

By Published On: October 31st, 2011

Written by: Tracy October 30 2011 As a youngster, I […]

Written by: Tracy

As a youngster, I grew up in a small town nestled in the mountains. There wasn’t a year that passed that didn’t include picking blackberries straight from the vine or waking up to a family of deer prancing across the lawn.

We never had to put our pets on a leash and there were countless hours of fun to be had by making forts in the woods. It was simple and it was fun. If you could have asked me how I would raise my family, I would say I could never imagine raising babies any other way.

Flash forward a few years and my life has taken a fun, but very different turn. I now live downtown in a big city and have come accustomed to the idea of walking to get dinner and almost anything else I need. I am simply addicted to the excitement of the city. There’s always someone out biking or jogging or talking. And whether it be a museum, a theatre, a coffee shop or a fair, there’s always something to do. The food is irreplaceable and everyone is so friendly. It’s an atmosphere that I love. Who would’ve known this small town girl would be crazy about living in the city?

So when the idea of raising a baby came into play. I was immediately torn. Did I want to continue living downtown or was it time to move out to the suburbs? I couldn’t tell you. The comforting thing about Atlanta is that you can be in the mountains within 20 minutes, so I knew either way I would be able to have the best of both worlds. But it was still a huge decision and one that didn’t come easy for Brack and me.

We did some soul searching and both came to the same conclusion on the same day and in the same place. We were having lunch at one of our most favorite Chinese restaurants and laughing so much that it hurt. “I love living downtown,” Brack said. I agreed with my whole heart. “Do you think it would be so bad to just stay here for a few more years?” I said. We both agreed that if we were ever going to live downtown, now was the time—before Braxton would need more than just our concrete patio to play on.

I knew some things would be a little different with a baby in the city, but in all honesty, not that much. I will have to learn how to navigate the subway with a little guy in tow, and Brack will have to learn the right way to carry our favorite dude on the bus. But like every other part of parenthood, we will just have to figure it out.

If I was having any doubts about our decision, they were about to come to a halt. We’re going on a little trip this week and as I was dropping off CiCi at his doggie hotel for a little spa weekend, I hit rush hour. All of that traffic is something I never have to see. So somewhere around hour two, I realized that we had absolutely made the right decision. The idea that I can get to Brack and Braxton or our home in less than five minutes is a comfort that I am not ready to give up, at least until Braxton is a little bigger.

So just like that, we decided to stay exactly where we are—at least for a little while. And though our townhouse is squishy and old, and makes strange noises that I find easier to ignore than investigate, it’s filled with my absolute favorite people and that, after all, is the only thing that matters.

Not to mention, taking it slow gives us plenty of time to search out the perfect dream house, complete with rocking chairs, a path for blackberry pickin’ and plenty of green, green grass.

Lots of love,