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By Published On: November 15th, 2011

Written by: Josh November 15 2011 Bub has a new […]

Written by: Josh

Bub has a new habit. Despite my lectures about the impoliteness therein, he continues to point incessantly at anything and anybody that catches his little eye.

It’s actually rather cute. He has turned yet another tiny corner, going from one curiosity phase to a new one. I admit, I don’t really read that much, so I’m sure this has been more eloquently analyzed before, but I will try to describe it from my own perspective.

Bub’s always been curious, no one would argue that. But his curiosity has always been focused, controlled. For the longest time, it was the ‘GET IN MY MOUTH, THING!!!’ phase. But he has lately been in an exploratory phase, where he crawls around, finds things, bangs them together, discards. Repeat. Different materials, textures, noises, etc. He’s had an agenda, modest thought it was.

It’s all been very experiential. Then he figured out how to turn on the TV,