What to pack in your diaper bag

By Published On: July 2nd, 2014

Coming down with a case of cabin fever? It might […]

Coming down with a case of cabin fever? It might be time to pack up your sweet new sidekick and go exploring! Whether heading down the street or around the world, make sure your diaper bag is packed with anything and everything your tiny travel companion might need.Built1
Start with a durable, stylish and lightweight diaper bag (we love the Built Go-Go Diaper Tote), then fill it to the brim with these 10 diaper bag essentials.
waterwipes1. Wipes
Whether you’re wiping baby’s bottom or taking care of the sticky mess on the table, you’ll quickly find that wipes are your BFF.
We love: WaterWipes, which are made with 99.9% water and the tiniest splash of grapefruit seed oil. Three cheers for short ingredients lists! 
SkipHopPront2. Changing mat
A diaper bag is for diapers, and diapers are for changing—so make sure you have a place to do that, no matter where you are.
We love: The Skip Hop Pronto, which lets you keep your changing necessities (like those wipes and diapers) in one place.
JRWatkinsBabyBalm3. Baby balm
Diaper rash can crop up in an instant, and we all know those small-but-mighty fingernails can leave a scratch on baby’s forehead in the blink of an eye. Keep a balm on hand to soothe most any type of irritated skin.
We love: J.R. Watkins soothing baby balm—we’ve even been known to use it on our lips. What mama doesn’t love a product that multitasks?
plumorganicsworldbaby4. Baby food
When hunger strikes, there is a finite amount of time before a meltdown ensues.
We love: Plum Organics World Baby food pouches, which introduce your munchkin’s palate to a variety of flavors from around the globe. Not ready to commit to a transatlantic flight with a tot in tow? Bring the culture to baby!
bboxbib5. Bib
Keep that food off of your little one’s clothes with an on-the-go bib.
We love: The Bbox Travel Bib because it rolls right up to keep postmeal messes (including the dirty spoon) contained.
Bottle6. Bottle or sippy cup
Make sure to grab a bottle for milk or formula! When your wee one gets a bit bigger, switch out the bottle for a sippy cup.
We love: Prince Lionheart silicone bottles, which can be converted to sippy cups with the simple swap of a top.)
PacifierPouch7. Pacifier pouch
If your baby takes a pacifier, you know not to leave home with out it. Keep it clean and at the ready with the help of a pacifier pouch.
We love: This Precious Little Tot pouch, which is handmade and snaps closed.
SwaddleDesigns8. Blanket
A soft receiving blanket is ideal for warming up when the air conditioner at the art museum is on overdrive (and for fending off strangers on the subway).
We love: This Swaddle Designs blanket—how cute are those elephants?
Giraffe9. Toy
Distractions are lifesavers during lengthy car rides and long lines.
We love: Sophie La Giraffe, a beloved friend of teething tots. 
Petunia10. Wallet
Chances are, the diaper bag is currently serving as your purse, too. Treat yourself to a pretty wallet that you’ll be excited to pull out time and again.
We love: The Petunia Pickle Bottom Whereabouts Wallet, which can even accommodate your phone!
There are plenty of diaper bag accessories available, and you might find that you need to have other items such as burp cloths and extra clothes. And of course, depending on how long you’ll be gone and how far you’re going, your needs may change. Still, once you have the basics figured out, you’ll be able to add and subtract extras like a pro. Happy adventuring!