Well, poop

By Published On: January 15th, 2014

The books I read (okay, book) never really mentioned it. […]

photoThe books I read (okay, book) never really mentioned it. Now I know why. You see, once you have the baby, there’s no turning back. We mothers are already totally in love, and suddenly the grossest of things no longer grosses us out. (One mom once told me that she actually caught her child’s vomit in her hands. Brave woman.) But—the poop. I never thought I’d be lying in bed with my husband discussing the color and consistency of baby bowel movements.  I never thought I’d be googling “colors of poop” at 4:41 a.m., only to actually find PICTURES on the internet. I never thought I’d be writing a whole blog about poop.
We started The Kid and his two teeth on solids a little over a month ago now. Watching him take his first nibbles of real food was cuter than a room full of baby bunnies sleeping on pink cotton. Now, each time we put him into his high chair he does a little wriggly happy dance because he knows it’s time for his food. And, now each time I put him into his high chair I wonder what his diaper will catch today—and if it will explode up his back.
“Mom, would you mind waking up and looking at a diaper,”  I asked my mom too early one morning over the holidays. “That looks like…sweet potatoes…right?”
“Yes.” She smiled her decisive smile.
Much like sliced bread changed everything for bread lovers, solid foods changed everything for my little one’s now not-so-little poops. I began to think my child was having an allergic reaction—to food.
Before sending all his strangely colored and strongly-smelling diapers to the pediatrician for a professional opinion, I began googling “colors of poop” on the internet. Yup, I am that mom looking at pictures of baby poop on the internet. Generally, I try to stay away from the internet as it doesn’t do a whole lot to allay my fears, but this is maybe the one time it made me feel better—his poop looked fairly tame compared to some of the pictures I found.
And then I was relieved.
Relieved that everything is in full working order.
And now you’re relieved I don’t have to post a picture of questionable poop with this blog.