Welcoming 2011

By Published On: January 5th, 2011

Written by: Sheri January 05 2011 Ringing in the New […]

Written by: Sheri

Ringing in the New Year this year felt oddly exciting this year, in a different way than it ever has before.

Our whole family ventured out to a friends’ house for some playing, snacking and general merriment. Of course, I was one of the only adults not enjoying spirited beverages. (I did have a half glass of bubbly with some appetizers, but barely enough to whet the whistle.)

After the ritual midnight smooch with Paul and hugs all around, my mind wandered, as it always does, to thoughts about the past year and the year ahead.

For our family, 2010 was an exciting and yet demanding year—full of the blessing of a new child on the way, mixed with the challenges of a not-well pregnant mama trying to keep up with a busy two-year-old and a family trying to figure out the best place to grow.

We had a lot of fun learning about toddlerhood, and had the opportunity to visit many of the people we love—both really great things. We also continued to figure out the kind of parents we want to be, which I think is an oh-so-important process with your first child. Every stage brings a new set of joys to savor and boundaries to set, which requires learning all over again.

2011 promises to bring about a whole new reality as we get ready to welcome a new person into our family – someone who will eventually, most likely sooner than we realize, have her own thoughts and opinions on how things should go around here.

It’s thrilling to think of our family as a foursome, and also a little scary too. Some parts will be easier. The newborn learning curve should be much more gradual now that we’ve been through it already. But I know it will be replaced by many new lessons of how to balance the needs of two little people along with my own, and especially how to make sure that Aaron feels a special place in the new order of things.

All of that growing and stretching and learning will certainly yield its own set of adventures, and produce lots of fun to reflect back upon on New Year’s Eve 2011. Until then, we’ll appreciate all of the joys and excitement that a fresh year has to offer.