Week 39: Keeping myself entertained

By Published On: June 29th, 2016

Thirty-nine weeks, wow! Guys, honestly, what can I say at this […]

Thirty-nine weeks, wow! Guys, honestly, what can I say at this point? Every day is filled with the highest anticipation and tons of texts and phone calls saying, “I am so ready for you to have your baby. Why is it taking so long?” I love how inconvenient it is for everyone else that my baby is still inside of me. I joke about this, but in reality, it’s funny how many times a day someone tells me how sick they are of waiting. Gotta love the last few weeks of pregnancy!
UntitledAnyway, to cope with the minute-by-minute waiting, I am trying to stay busy and keep myself entertained without eating everything and sleeping too much. One of my favorite activities right now is watching people get super uncomfortable when they ask me my due date. It’s hilarious, really. I go from nice pregnant lady to huge liability in 0.5 seconds.
This happens the most at the gym. Yesterday I walked in for my Orange Theory class and got the usual darting eyes and sympathetic smiles from other ladies who have probably had children. Bellies attract a lot of attention. My coach says, “I keep forgetting, how many weeks left?” I unapologetically reply, “Sunday. I am due on Sunday.” I could hear the gasps and see the shock value spread over the entire waiting area! Everyone seemed to get a smidge nervous at that point, knowing this could go down any second. For the rest of the class time, she kept pretend threatening me if I went into labor under her watch.
“Stop running! Don’t you let that water break in my class! I don’t know what I will do! Don’t lift that weight! You’re making me nervous!” She was smiling, but I could see the anxiety building and the relief when I left.
I don’t know why, but this interaction pleases me. I think people expect you to stay safely inside your home until you deliver your baby and not interact with the outside world. Although there is plenty of downtime happening these days, I do escape from these four walls periodically! After all, it sometimes feels as if she is never going to come out. I can’t sit around and think about it all day. This same thing happened again while at Ikea with my mom. (What better place to walk your baby into labor, right?) The cashier looked at me and said, “You’re joking! Sunday? And you’re here? You have to be joking.” No lady, I’m not! Don’t you see my sad, slow walk and heavy breathing? I can’t wait to see what people’s reactions are if she is overdue!
Untitled2On a less sarcastic note, I have also been spending as much time with Matt as possible, which happens to be my favorite thing to do! I keep joking I won’t be very good at sharing my time with him, and that although I am so happy to be having a girl … she is still another girl! I like knowing I am forever No. 1 in his eyes—no matter what! He knows my love language of quality time, and it’s very important to me right now to know we utilized our last few days as a twosome. We have been wining and dining (I still use the expression, even though I am just dining … a lot!) more often and taking the time to acknowledge this special time before it’s gone. He surprised me the other night with one last official date night before she is here. I hope that timeline is true. I thought this last month would feel bittersweet, but it’s neither sweet nor bitter for me. When the baby is here is will undoubtedly be the sweetest, but until then it’s just day-by-day. On one hand, I obviously want her to be born (for her sake and mine). On the other, I am still so happy just hanging and being married to my forever boyfriend.
Until B decides to make her grand appearance, I am going to try to make the most of each day the way it is. This pregnancy has to come to an end sooner rather than later, right? I look forward to what I will report next week! Thanks to anyone who has kept up with my posts and shared in this experience with me. I truly appreciate it—and promise I really am pregnant. I will eventually have a baby to share with you, too! Here’s to week 40!