Week 37: Online shopping, how I love thee

By Published On: March 25th, 2016

I had high hopes that by the time I was […]

IMG_9696I had high hopes that by the time I was ready to write this week’s post the issues I was having with my sciatic nerve and/or muscle would be resolved. Yeah—no. Not so much. Although I’m better off than I was a week ago at this time, I’m not where I’d like to be (you know, either pain-free or in labor, on my way to sweet relief). Luckily, I have a very supportive group of people surrounding me at home (wonderful husband, parents, and siblings) and at work (thanks for covering my lunch and recess duty, peeps!). So as I hobble around, I know this incredible support system is helping pick up my considerable slack.
While I knew in my brain that Easter was on its way, along with Peter Cottontail of course, I hadn’t really thought about the fact that its approach meant I needed to get some things together for our daughter’s Easter basket. My parents found a few things for us to give Olivia, but I wanted to pick out a some myself as well. Enter Amazon Prime.
I cannot say enough wonderful things about Amazon Prime and their magical two day shipping. And I don’t even use it to its fullest extent! As much as I love Target and meandering through their aisles full of must-haves, I knew a walk around that store (especially trekking from getting diapers in the baby section to the opposite side of the store in the Easter section) was not in my best interest. And as much as I think driving around one of those electronic scooters would be fun, I could only imagine what Olivia would do riding in the basket. So instead, on Sunday afternoon, I opened up my new (eep!) Macbook Pro and logged onto Amazon.
Ten minutes and $92 later, I had a “cart” full of Easter goodies for our daughter and niece, as well as a few gifts for Olivia to receive at the hospital from her new baby brother or sister. (I assumed he or she would need an assist in that area.) Plus, I added on a carton of baby wipes for good measure. Everything will be here a few days before Easter, ready to be packed into baskets and awaiting the Easter Bunny! Fantastic.
My Sunday soiree with Amazon also helped me decide to try out Subscribe and Save. We had a diaper shower when I was pregnant with Olivia, and it was so amazing to be able to go to the closet for more diapers instead of the grocery store. Because we didn’t have a diaper shower this time around (and because Olivia herself is still in diapers), I thought it seemed like an appropriate time to test out Subscribe and Save. Diapers arriving every month or so in the proper size and brand? And at a discount? Yes, please.
My other favorite online shopping addiction, I mean, website is Zulily. I know, there are a few downfalls to this site (no returns, difficult to predict shipping time), but the cost is hard to beat. Plus, it is very easy to browse using the app, while watching TV, nursing a baby, etc. We’ve gotten some fabulous gifts at incredibly reasonable prices using this site—and not only for Olivia!
So as I continue getting everything prepared for Baby P. to arrive, I will make sure my favorite shopping apps are updated and be glad I am the one who manages the finances in our house!