Week 37: Maternity clothes

By Published On: September 23rd, 2014

I remember it like it was yesterday. My husband sent […]


What’s cute at 19 weeks is not as cute at 37 weeks.

I remember it like it was yesterday. My husband sent me a text that read “What’s ‘Destination Maternity’? You have a HUGE box here.” I sped home, filled with anticipation to open the package: my very first maternity clothes. Now, as I near the end of pregnancy, I’ve developed a love-hate relationship with said clothes. The relationship has evolved over pregnancy, from the glamour of owning my first Pea in the Pod dress to the reality of wearing my husband’s gym clothes.
Maternity clothes: A timeline
7 Weeks Pregnant: Omigod, I just peed on a stick and I’m pregnant! I’m so excited! I can’t wait to go SHOPPING! I haven’t even had my first visit to the OB yet, but I just bought $200 worth of maternity clothes. I’m not going to wear them yet; I just wanted to have them ready.
12 Weeks Pregnant: All my normal clothes still fit but I am SO bloated! I don’t even really look pregnant, just like I’ve been eating a little too much Taco Bell lately. I’ll try these maternity pants on, even though the belly panel is kinda weird. Wait, these don’t have any buttons digging into my stomach? Ahh-mazing!
16 Weeks Pregnant: Must. Buy. All. The. Clothes. My baby bump is so cute! I should definitely buy all these dresses, flowy tops that highlight my new and improved chest, and every pair of pajamas that say things like “baby love.” I must have all of it! Who cares if I never am pregnant in the summer again? I need this $80 bathing suit!
25 Weeks Pregnant: I refuse to buy any more maternity clothes. I’m tired of EVERYTHING I OWN. I’m tired of being forced to choose my outfits from the same clothes every day. I miss having 10 pairs of jeans to choose from.
27 Weeks Pregnant: I’m huge. Crap, I’m going to outgrow all this stuff before the end, aren’t I? My shirt that reads “A Bump is the Prettiest Thing to Wear” is getting a little snug. Maybe a bump isn’t the prettiest thing to wear. I probably shouldn’t wear this out of the house anymore.
30 Weeks Pregnant: I’m definitely not going to make it to the end with these clothes. I should start setting aside “retired” maternity clothes. These shirts all looked so baggy a few months ago. The scrunched sides held so much promise. How did I get this big?
34 Weeks Pregnant: Damn, I didn’t realize how much loungewear my husband owns. I think I’ll live in his Under Armour shorts for the next two months.
36 Weeks Pregnant: I think I’ll stand in the closet and gaze longingly at my White House Black Market work clothes, thinking about a better time, when we were together. I might actually shed a tear as I instead reach for the white Old Navy t-shirt I just wore last week.
37 Weeks Pregnant: And here I am today, sitting and writing this blog post, wearing a dress as a shirt with a pair of maternity pants.
It’s definitely been a challenge to get dressed every morning lately, but I’m making memories. Like first kisses and first loves, you never forget your first pair of elastic waist pants.