Week 37: I can feel her head!

By Published On: June 15th, 2016

At my most recent appointment, my doctor decided to check […]

Untitled2At my most recent appointment, my doctor decided to check me for the first time after I told her I was experiencing contractions (woo!). It was the same appointment as the, ahem, lovely swab test, so I was already feeling well violated down there. She looked at me with surprise and exclaimed, “Oh! I can feel her head already!” Who knew those words could bring so much joy to the gross discomfort of having someone check your cervix? It was awesome!
Naturally, my next questions is, “How do I help progress labor?” She gave me the traditional, “walking, squatting and sex” response. That plan sounded great to me, but it’s pretty difficult to get a certain someone on board.
After my appointment I call Matt to let him know how everything went. He was SO excited to hear our baby could be here any day, and he agreed to help in any way possible to move this process along. Days later, I jokingly mentioned the lack of action happening at our house in hopes of lightening the intensity of our pending labor and delivery. He quickly reminds me of the doctor’s comment about her head.
“I am NOT interested in possibly feeling my daughter’s head! I can’t wrap my mind around that. Let’s go for a walk.”
Many long walks and one bottle of Clary Sage later (I was told sniffing/bathing in this essential oil can help naturally induce labor), and we are still playing the waiting game. But I am holding on to the words of hope from my doctor until my next appointment in a few days!
UntitledI have officially crossed over from living my normal life to living as if our baby is already here with us. I can’t stop going through her things, folding and refolding her clothes, smelling all her baby products and getting acquainted with my new friends—for example, my new washable nursing pads. I had a real Regina George moment with these guys. I ponder the possibility of being able to push an empty stroller without getting caught in the act, and I repack our hospital bag every other day. I am definitely ready. I asked Matt a few nights ago how he felt when I told him I was pregnant. It occurred to me I had been so consumed with my own feelings I didn’t really take the time to know what he was going through.
“It was euphoric. It was similar to the feeling I had when I finally paid for your engagement ring and knew my life was about to change forever.”
I said, “That’s how I feel about the doctor feeling her head.”
Although we clearly feel differently regarding the romantic notion of Bellamy’s head position, we are in complete agreement about wanting to be parents to a baby outside of the womb. It feels like every day gets longer and time is slowing down, but I think it happens that way so labor starts to look appealing! I’m taking every contraction in stride and trying to stay positive! At the end of the day, at least I know I am truly in the homestretch now that we are finally full term! Woo! Back to my Clary Sage sniffing and squatting I go. Maybe this time next week I will be writing a birth story—fingers crossed!