Week 36: Window of opportunity

By Published On: July 21st, 2015

You guys. I’m officially in my “window,” and I’m beyond […]

11754243_10152829280436899_9165942908390237105_nYou guys. I’m officially in my “window,” and I’m beyond excited. What is this window I speak of? It’s basically the time in my pregnancy when it is pretty safe to birth a baby. It’s essentially the moment I am considered “full-term.” Huzzah! I can’t believe I’m surviving this heat at exactly 36 weeks. That’s nine months, folks. Nine.
Our midwife Brenda came over yesterday for my 36-week prenatal visit. Because Jesse and I have decided to have a home birth, as part of Brenda’s services, she does the 36-week appointment at our place. She does this for several reasons: first and foremost, to know how to get to our place, to familiarize herself with our surroundings, to show us how to set up the birthing tub, to go over our plan of action when I go into labor and everything else that having a baby at home entails. We ordered a hand-picked birth kit that has everything we could need during the birth including, but certainly not limited to, those sexy mesh panties and a small pool net (you know, in case of a poop accident … no big deal). Brenda walked us through different scenarios and how to handle them. She also went over aftercare and legal stuff like filing the birth certificate, etc. I kept thinking, It’s all happening! So soon!
Our doula Amanda also came over and met Brenda for the first time. Amanda used to work at the birth center where I had Anaïs in Florida, so having her at our home in Georgia for this little boy’s birth after having had that history with her feels so special. I didn’t have a doula during Anaïs’s birth but having one for this one, having Amanda with us just feels right. She’s such a beacon of positive affirmations and reminds me of what I’m capable of. She also has a sense of humor which lightens the mood. Then again, I think all of us have a sense of humor, and I even told Jesse that I might just laugh this baby out. A girl can dream, right?
Looking at everyone in my living room made me giddy with excitement. There, right in front of me, was every single person that would be at the birth. Just five of us, including Anaïs. It feels good. It feels like this is how it’s meant to happen. We’ve been preparing for this for months! Jesse likes to joke that he’s the coach, I’m the talent, and that this birth is like the Olympics that we’ve been “training” for. Jesse asked Brenda a lot of questions, and it made my heart swell. He’s so involved and is an active participant in this birth. This is his son! His flesh and blood! And I know that this feels monumental for him. I’m so proud of how much he wants to do this and how supportive he’s been all along.
From here on out, we will see Brenda once a week until the time comes. I feel so at ease having made it this far and knowing we are prepared and have everything in place. So now, all that’s left to do is … hurry up and wait!