Week 36: Packing our bags

By Published On: October 26th, 2016

I wish that packing our bags referred to prepping for […]

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I wish that packing our bags referred to prepping for some sort of tropical getaway—or at least an overnight trip somewhere fun. Instead, we are preparing for what might possibly be the most stressful and painful experience of my life. The one plus is that the souvenir I’m guaranteed to bring home is better than the ones I’ll bring home from any other trip I will ever take. If you haven’t caught on by now, I’m referring of course to the process of packing our hospital bags. Even though I’ve done it before, it’s still intimidating trying to cram in everything I just might need during the process.
With my first delivery, I barely needed anything from my hospital bag. My water broke at home at 41 weeks. Two hours later we finally got all checked into the hospital and settled in our room, then six hours later my daughter was born. It was a no fuss, super peaceful, all-natural delivery. The three things I used from my bag during labor were my calming lavender spray, my birthing playlist and my birthing ball (which technically wasn’t even from my bag). Of course I used more things from my bag during recovery, like a change of clothes and my toiletries.
So, my dilemma this time around is trying to pick for any labor experience. From what I’ve read, second babies come faster and easier, but after my fast and easy first delivery I’m not sure if that will ring true. I’m still packing for a lengthy and difficult delivery with things like a back massager, led light candles and an essential oil diffuser. I’m even having my hubby pack a bathing suit and flip flops in case I decide I want to spend some time in the shower during labor. All this to say, our bags are packed to the brim. Even though some may think that we over packed, this is one scenario where I would much rather over pack than wish I had brought something I decided to leave at home. I don’t think anyone wants to be in the throes of labor and wishing they had something that isn’t available to them. That’s when the crazy comes out and you see the woman grab the husband by the shirt and start making demands. We managed to get through last time without any drama, and I’m hoping we won’t have any this time around either.
Luckily we have recently purchased a minivan, so we have all sorts of room for our giant overnight bag, small suitcase, two pillows, birthing ball and the “big sister gift” we have to give my daughter when she visits us in the hospital. That way we can go about our normal day-to-day fully prepared to head to the hospital at any given moment. Now I’m just hoping that my pregnancy brain didn’t creep in and make me forget something!