Week 36: Milestones

By Published On: September 26th, 2013

As Arthur and I celebrate our third wedding anniversary this […]

As Arthur and I celebrate our third wedding anniversary this month, I’m struck by how much we’ve grown together the last three years. Our communication skills have vastly improved, and we’ve weathered a share of highs and lows. I’m also aware of how much we will grow over the next three months, bonding over our baby and recalibrating our family dynamic.
Not only are we welcoming our first child this fall, but my husband is hitting another major milestone this month: his 30th birthday. Arthur’s not one for change (or his birthday), so I was a little concerned over how he’d handle these life markers. But as we get closer to our new addition’s birthday, I’m starting to understand why he gets anxious about change (the one thing that I don’t normally feel anxious about).
As excited as I am for Roo’s arrival, I’m also scared. We’ve invested so much time and love into someone we haven’t even met yet! If we weren’t talking about a new baby, it would sound as though we were stalkers who finally get to meet the object of their affection. And as much as we planned for and want this baby, we have no business being parents – besides the few classes we took at the hospital, we don’t know much about raising a child. Fortunately, I’m told that we can learn along the way. I’m also reminded of the fact that generations of people have been procreating long before there were hospitals or medical schools, and they’ve been raising children with fewer resources at their disposal than our current generation, so how poorly can Arthur and I do?
This life event signals that our lives are moving forward – which is a good thing – but at an increasingly alarming rate. I met Arthur when he was 21, so to realize he’s now entering a new decade reminds me of how long our lives have been intertwined and how quickly they will continue to progress. If anything makes time pass quicker, it’s watching your kids grow up (or so we’ve heard).
So onward and upward we go! As I remind Arthur when he’s down about another birthday: would he rather not have one to celebrate? Rather than be sad about the progression of time and scared of our bundle-to-be, I need to think about the alternative and be thankful for all the positive change in our lives. Instead of being stagnant, we’re reaching our goals and growing together. I should also buckle up, because this next chapter will be the most exciting one yet!