Week 35: Not ready

By Published On: September 9th, 2014

Thirty-five weeks?!?! Um, wasn’t I just introducing myself to you […]

34 weeks

Standing in front of the only thing that’s complete in baby’s room- her crib!

Thirty-five weeks?!?! Um, wasn’t I just introducing myself to you a couple weeks ago? How am I EIGHT months pregnant? Sometime after I hit 20 weeks I must have entered a time-space continuum. I don’t how it happened, perhaps some sort of time travel, but the last thing I remember was barfing all day long and the next thing I know, my doctor is sitting across from me saying that if I were to go into labor right now, they wouldn’t do anything to stop it. Meaning I could technically have a full-on baby right now.
I somehow moved out of the second trimester doldrums where I thought I would be pregnant forever to existing in this pressure-filled time crunch, freaking out that there’s not enough time to get everything done. It would be fantastic if my nesting instinct would kick in soon. Unfortunately, I’m more of a “napper” than a “nester,” and lying in bed watching Netflix for hours, thinking “I should be doing more” has been my habit lately.
I’m sort of paralyzed when it comes down to organizing everything. I make a lot of lists, but nothing is getting checked off. I have good intentions, but it just seems like nothing is getting done. The good news is we have a crib and glider put together. The bad news is we haven’t done anything else. I’ve compiled a list of reasons why I need to be pregnant for more than five more weeks.
10 Reasons I’m Not Ready to Have This Baby
  1. Her room is not ready/perfect. We haven’t even hung any pictures on the walls. She is going to hate it.
  2. I haven’t packed a hospital bag. I seriously need to buy some nursing tank tops and find out what exactly mesh underwear is.
  3. I need time to pick out going home outfit(s). She could weigh anywhere from five to ten pounds, and in a Maryland October, it could be 50 or 80 degrees when we leave the hospital. So basically I need to select at least 13 outfit options.
  4. Her dresser isn’t organized! How can I possibly bring a child into this world when her clothes aren’t sorted by size and season?
  5. I haven’t washed everything she owns yet. I have approximately 4,459 hooded towels to wash.
  6. We haven’t bought a car seat yet. (This is probably the most urgent matter.)
  7. I need to prepare freezer meals. If I went into labor today, Dan and I would be eating cereal for the next two months.
  8. Next week we start a class at the hospital called the “Infant Care Series.” Clearly we won’t be qualified to take care of a newborn before we complete these classes.
  9. The big stack of paperwork I’m supposed to give the pediatrician’s office before baby is born? Although I have printed it out, I have yet to actually fill it out.
  10. I need to finish a few more seasons of my current Netflix show before dedicating my life to the care and raising of an infant (only half joking here).

I know what you’re thinking; what pregnant woman wants to be pregnant even longer than she has to? Don’t get me wrong, I totally can’t wait to meet my baby girl, but at the same time, I just feel like there is still So. Much. To. Do. Hopefully the nesting instinct kicks in soon! If not we will be moving into the hospital until we get a car seat.