Week 34: Packing the hospital bag

By Published On: April 3rd, 2015

Is it just me or do these last few weeks […]

Is it just me or do these last few weeks of pregnancy feel like it takes a lifetime? We went for our 34 week checkup, and everything is measuring right on track. We will go again at 36 weeks … and then start the weekly visits. These days I’m not feeling so fabulous (i.e., sweats and ponytails every day). Up until last week I was still trying to walk two miles at least four times a week, but that’s becoming nearly impossible. The most exercise I get is chasing the toddler around.
photoWith my last pregnancy I didn’t pack my hospital bag until about week 38. I had things in order, but the bag wasn’t exactly zipped and ready to go. (I also wasn’t prepared for a C-section.) No one really told me exactly what I needed to pack. Of course I knew I would be wearing pj’s the whole time but being unprepared I packed pants and tops. Pajama pants after a C-section do not cut it. I forgot my nursing bra and didn’t even pack nursing pads. Looking back I can’t believe I was so clueless. This time I decided to go ahead and pack my bag. One reason is I’m just ready for the day to be here. Reason No. 2 is because I’ve been having serious Braxton Hicks contractions. It’s nothing serious yet, but I just feel like it’s better to be safe than sorry.
Now that I’ve done this once before, I’ve learned there are a few things I definitely need for my three-day stay at the hospital:

  • Nursing nightgowns: These are so much easier, especially for C-section mamas.
  • A nursing bra: If you plan to breastfeed this is kind of necessary. How on earth did I forget that?
  • A robe: This one sounds a little silly, but when visitors came I felt a little strange being in my pj’s. It was so easy to just throw my robe on.
  • A nursing pillow: This was a ton of help with my C-section. Having something to prop the baby on while you breastfeed took the pressure off of my stomach muscles.
  • Nipple cream: If you have never experienced breastfeeding, then hold on tight! The first week or so is brutal. Nipple cream is a must if you plan on nursing. Trust me!

If you have a husband who is anything like mine, he gets completely paranoid with any little pain I experience. A few nights ago I had a couple Braxton Hicks contractions. It wasn’t too painful, but they kept me from falling asleep. The next morning when I told him he immediately said call the doctor. I have to tell him at least five times a day that my doctor said as long as they aren’t coming five in one hour it’s completely normal at this stage in my pregnancy. Twenty minutes after he left for work, he called me and asked if I had called the doctor yet. He then tells me I should probably call my parents (who live three hours away) to be prepared if they need to make the trip today. I couldn’t help but laugh at him for that! It’s so sweet that he is so concerned, but it does make me laugh. But even if it did happen that day or today (though we most likely have five weeks left), our bags are packed and ready for anything!