Week 33: Downtime

By Published On: March 27th, 2015

About two weeks ago I remember telling my husband. “If […]

About two weeks ago I remember telling my husband. “If it weren’t for my belly I would forget I was pregnant!” and then we would laugh and change the subject. Fast forward two weeks, and I have completely changed my way of thinking. I’m feeling beyond pregnant these days. I’m 33 and a half weeks, and I feel (and look) 39 weeks. photo.PNG
One night this past week my husband came home from work and said he wanted to go to dinner that night. I was all for it. I love a night of no cooking. When I asked him what time he wanted to go, he said 6 p.m. At the time it was 5:30. He then made the comment “I only want to go if it’s not a big production of you having to take two hours to get dressed.” I immediately started laughing. Seriously the last thing I want to do is TRY to be cute in the last few weeks of pregnancy. I added a little eyeliner and jewelry to my outfit, and I was ready to go. It took me all of five minutes to get dressed.
For some reason, my sleeping isn’t all that horrible. Once I fall asleep my husband says I “saw logs all night” which obviously means I’m sleeping pretty well. But throughout the day I feel like a zombie. I just hit the point of being unbelievably uncomfortable. Trying to grocery shop wears me out, keeping up with a toddler wears me out, and we can just throw any type of workout out the window.
I try to spend a lot of my time these last few weeks having “downtime.” Of course with a 2-year-old this usually means lying on the couch watching “Peppa Pig” all afternoon. I will watch hours of cartoons at this point to enjoy a little downtime. With my first pregnancy I wasn’t keeping up with a toddler or working. I now have a 2-year-old and a small work from home job. One thing I miss about my first pregnancy is having much more downtime. (Although that might have been why I gained a lot more weight than I have this time.) So to all you expecting mamas out there, I strongly encourage you to take advantage of some rest and relaxation if you can before the new arrival.
At my daughters school they have what they call Lunch Bunch on Wednesdays. It’s a day where they stay from 8:30-2:30 instead of their regular 8:30-11:30. I do believe she will be attending Lunch Bunch for the rest of the year. It gives me a few hours to get work done, get housework done AND have a little time to myself that includes “The Real Housewives” instead of “Sofia the First.”
So take it from this very pregnant, very worn out mama. Enjoy your downtime while you can! Is it May 4 yet?