Week 33: A Bellamy belly

By Published On: May 18th, 2016

My one and only sister got me a Mother’s Day […]

My one and only sister got me a Mother’s Day gift this past weekend. Out of everyone I encountered that day, she really made an effort to celebrate me, and I was so touched by her gesture.
UntitledWhat struck me most was the card she wrote for me. She said she specifically chose a Thank You card as opposed to a Mother’s Day card because of the role I play in her life. Through years of navigating different seasons of relationship, we eventually arrived at a place of harmony, as most siblings do. That harmony grew into a real friendship, and I am committed to always having her back no matter what. She affirmed me as a sister, a friend and a mother. I realized after reading her heartfelt card that I have the best opportunity waiting for me in about six weeks. I get to start this bonding process with Bellamy! I get to apply what I have learned through years of different relationships to my relationship with her.
I believe so much of how we “do” relationships (assuming parenting falls into this same rhythm) stems from our upbringing in our own home. Therefore, parenting is very personal to the individual and what they have experienced in life. Considering this theory, I am SO grateful to have a sister! I have years of memories to draw from as a reference to what life might be like for her at different points in time. In addition to whatever wisdom I can bring to the table, Bellamy will have another woman I trust completely to confide in.
My sister reminded me of the powerful position I am about to take in my baby’s life. Not that this role was ever taken lightly, but the gravity of parenting is starting to set in. I am reminded to speak life constantly—not only about her—but about myself, my marriage and especially her father. I want her to grow up hearing a positive message and words of life. When I say “words of life,” I mean speaking in a way that doesn’t bring any type of destruction to those around me. We all know misery loves company, and I want to do my best to add goodness to my family at all times.
I am reminded to be thankful for what I have, loving the body that will birth her (whenever I have a moment of self deprecation, Matt reminds me it isn’t a belly—but a Bellamy belly) and spending time soaking up the short years people look back on and think, Those were the days. I want to be the one who empowers her to think, to question and to dream all day long (like her mom, the daydreamer). I get to show her my interpretation of love and marriage (her dad is pretty easy to love) and help her develop her understanding of real Untitled2intimacy between two people. I basically get to share everything wonderful with her, and can’t wait to start at square one, loving her as a tiny, sweet infant. I now count every minute waiting for this experience.
In addition to my card and sunflower bouquet, my sister bought Bellamy the sweetest watermelon swimsuit! Our baby watermelon is taken care of by her family, especially her one and only aunt. Thank you for reminding me of the importance I will play in her life, edifying me as a mom and a person of influence. In these weeks leading up to her arrival there is no shortage of being reminded I am able. I am able to be what she needs, and I can’t wait to have this Bellamy belly just be my Bellamy!