Week 32: Weight worries

By Published On: August 29th, 2013

It’s finally happened – my engagement and wedding rings don’t […]

Charlinorth0829It’s finally happened – my engagement and wedding rings don’t fit as loosely on my ring finger. I thought I’d gotten away without this sign of my body’s engorgement, but alas, the heat of August and my pregnancy-related swelling finally got the best of me. Two nights in a row, I’ve woken up to find that my rings are too tight, and I scramble to get them off as fast as I can. When I return them to their rightful place in the morning, they only last until mid-afternoon before the telltale signs of tightness take effect.
This comes on the heels of my latest prenatal appointment, at which the OB/GYN assured me that I was on the right track as far as weight gain was concerned. I’ve had a few weeks where I put on a bit (enough that I think I’ll tip the scales and be reprimanded for my excessive piggery at the next appointment), but then the following few weeks see little change. Since this is normal for me, I’m told I shouldn’t worry. But of course I do.
Before I get lectured on the fact that I’m supposed to be gaining weight and that this is healthy and normal, etc. and so forth, I get it. I’m happy to put on what weight I need to for Roo to be a healthy baby boy. What I’m not pleased about is the prospect of gaining too much weight and then having trouble getting it off. Apparently I will have little-to-no time to eat, sleep, or breathe once my son comes – according to some well-meaning parents – let alone work out. So I’d like to keep my weight gain to the recommended range (25-35 pounds) for my size in order to efficiently and safely lose it within a reasonable amount of time.
It takes nine months to gain the weight, so it seems reasonable to give myself nine months to lose it, right? Fortunately, there’s a gym opening down the street this winter that provides day-care services for children as young as three months. This should give me plenty of guilt-free snuggle time with my son before I get my rear in gear.
Arthur has no doubt I’ll return to my pre-pregnancy shape in no time, and while I do have genetics and motivation on my side, I don’t want to assume it will be an easy battle. Right now, I love my huge bump! There’s no doubt that I’m growing a person, and no one has mistaken it for a food baby. But I know I won’t love it when I’m a few months post-pregnancy and it can be mistaken for a second baby-on-the-way.
My stomach has always been my least favorite body part, although ironically I realize now how good I had it pre-pregnancy. I don’t think I’d be baring the crop tops that seem to have come back into fashion, but I’d be less self-conscious and critical of myself when I catch my silhouette. I swear I’ll appreciate my figure and confidently wear my normal clothes if I ever return to that general weight range and form!