Week 31: Great Expectations

By Published On: August 22nd, 2013

As noted before, I’ve been more laid back this pregnancy […]


Finn and I reading about the labor and delivery process in Roo’s in-progress nursery (if only they gave you a manual with the baby).

As noted before, I’ve been more laid back this pregnancy than anyone really expected of me, myself included! Sure, I’m a little high-strung about the registry and nursery – I’m afraid Roo will come early, and nothing will be ready for him – but not nearly as bad as I thought I’d be. And okay, I can be a little dramatic when a body change catches me off-guard (such as when I mistook sciatic nerve pain to be bone cancer), but really, I could be much worse.
Prime proof of my “It’s all good” approach to pregnancy has been my lack of a birth plan. The girl who painstakingly drafts up study sheets for tests and looks up spoilers for movies, books, and TV shows to know definitively what happens has decided to forgo a detailed play-by-play birth plan. Learning from other mothers before me, my philosophy is to be open to whatever happens. Even more surprising? I’m genuinely okay with this plan (or un-plan, as it were).
This doesn’t mean I’m not researching the different scenarios of what could happen; rather, I’m not setting my heart on any one avenue.  I’ve heard too many stories of women who have copies of their birth plan in hand when they’re admitted to the hospital, only to see them go out the window a short while later. I’m going to be scared and panicked enough during labor and delivery without adding the anxiety I’d no doubt feel by my hopes and dreams for a specific type of birth being dashed.
If it comes down to a C-section, will I be disappointed? Probably, but I won’t be shocked if that’s the call we need to make. And I’ll be ready for the long road to recovery. Do I have anything to prove by refusing an epidural? No – labor is painful, and if I decide that I need the drugs, bring it on! But I’m also going to be prepared with non-medicated coping techniques in order to get through the early stage of labor. As long as Roo comes out healthy, I don’t care how or when he makes his debut.
Instead of overwhelming me and making me more scared of what’s to come, taking a couple of birthing classes has actually calmed my nerves and given me confidence for my labor and delivery. And I know I often plug how amazing my husband is and how lucky I am to have him by my side through all this, but Arthur’s a huge part of this confidence. His class participation and patience with me reminds me that I’m not in this alone. Yes, I’ll be doing the bulk of the work, but his reassuring presence and encouragement will keep me going. Team North can accomplish anything when we work together, and welcoming our son into the world is no exception.