Week 31: The choice between breastfeeding and bottle-feeding

By Published On: March 13th, 2015

Week 31 of this pregnancy has probably been like week […]

Week 31 of this pregnancy has probably been like week 31 of most pregnancies. I’m just ready to get this baby out! At this point in the third trimester everything just becomes uncomfortable. I can’t seem to find a comfortable position to fall asleep plus I’ve had an awful cold this week. Try falling asleep with a huge belly, a husband that likes to put his arm over you the whole time and a stopped up nose. I know this is just the beginning of my no-sleep days! But, on a more positive note we have already had our baby shower. Everything is ready for Barker Hayes Donahoe!
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As we are nearing the last few weeks of pregnancy, a huge factor comes in to play: the discussion of whether to breastfeed or bottle-feed. I know every woman is different when it comes to this topic. Some women freak out when you say you formula and other women freak out when you nurse in front of them. This post is completely about personal choices.
With my last pregnancy I knew from the beginning I wanted to breastfeed. I have never been completely opposed to bottle feeding. My mom used formula with my siblings and me.
My sister had a baby a few months before I did and tried so hard to breastfeed. I saw firsthand that it was not an easy task. Her baby wouldn’t latch on for anything. After a few days of that battle, she and her husband chose to use formula.
Once I witnessed this I got extremely nervous that I would struggle the same way. When I was in recovery with my daughter, they brought her in, and we didn’t have a single problem. She latched on great and a couple of days later my milk started coming in. Other than the painful engorgement and getting used to the idea of nursing, it was going well.
Two weeks later my husband was at work, and I remember all of the sudden feeling like I had the flu. I was freezing and my entire body was aching. That afternoon I went to the doctor, and she confirmed I had mastitis. If you have never experienced mastitis, let me tell you—it is so painful! There are a lot of people who tell you to nurse through it but my doctor strongly encouraged me to use the pump and bottle-feed for the next couple days. So for those next few days I would pump and give my daughter a bottle of formula. During the night feedings my husband would feed her while I pumped. From the beginning I kphoto 2new I wanted to breastfeed but also pump and give her bottles of breast milk. Thankfully we gave her a bottle a few days after she was born. So there was no confusion for her when we had to use a bottle of formula during that time. After the mastitis was gone she latched back on without a problem. From that point on nursing was easy.
With this pregnancy I feel the same way. I know for a 100 percent fact I will breastfeed. I know that I will also introduce bottles and feed him breast milk from those as well.
There are so many arguments when it comes to bottle feeding, and I am not completely opposed to it. I know there are woman out there who struggle with breastfeeding, and they should never feel ashamed to bottle-feed. For us, we choose to breastfeed. Now I’m just hoping this little guy will follow in his sister’s footsteps and not have a hard time.