Week 30: One (not) hot mama

By Published On: July 15th, 2013

Some parts of the country are experiencing record heat waves. […]

0715KUSuzannaPalmerSome parts of the country are experiencing record heat waves. Here in Atlanta, we’ve had two weeks of rain and clouds. And this girl couldn’t be happier about it.
While lots of my Facebook friends are commiserating about all the cloudy days, I am soaking up the lack of sun. The reason? I’m 30 weeks pregnant.
And, for anyone who has done it, you know that being pregnant in the summertime feels a lot like being dressed up in one of those furry mascot costumes in the middle of the Sahara desert. Except 10,000 times worse.
If there was a “What Not to Do” guide about being pregnant, I can all but guarantee this would be in the top ten: “Whatever you do, avoid having a massive baby bump in the summertime—unless, of course, you enjoy having sweat pour profusely from every crevice of your body. Or, you’re prepared to set up residence in a walk-in freezer for the entirety of the summer.
And, in case anyone tries to tell one of you hot pregnant mamas that your heat sensitivity is all in your head (not that I’m mentioning any names, dear husband of mine. Ahem), here are some scientific facts to add fuel to your fire:
• A woman’s metabolic rate increases 15 to 20 percent during pregnancy. In turn, this increases heat production.
• During pregnancy, progesterone levels increase, which are responsible for elevating your basal body temperature.
• Pregnant women are always right.
When I was pregnant with Jacob, I sweated … and sweated … and sweated … and .. well, you get the idea … through the summer months until October arrived. I promised myself I’d never plan another summer pregnancy. But, of course, when things start cooking in the bedroom in January, the last thing in your mind is how you’ll be cooking come June and July.
So, here I am, counting down ten more weeks of summertime pregnancy (I’m due, ironically, on the first day of fall) and hoping for ten more weeks of rain.