Week 29: Letting it (gladly) go

By Published On: June 26th, 2015

Ladies, I wish you could see me today. I’m a hot […]

Ladies, I wish you could see me today. I’m a hot mess. My dress is wrinkled, my hair is frizzy, and my face is naked. I have on no jewelry and skipped a belt for my blue dress … which has belt loops. I have on Reef flip-flops that I bought at the beach for crying out loud! The phrase “she let herself go” totally applies to me lately, and my preggo situation just got really real.
MirandaFor the record, I have never been that fashionable. My friends even gave me the nickname “$20 Miranda” a few years ago because if it’s $20 or less, I’ll probably buy it; but if it’s more, it better be worth it. I often wear secondhand clothes, and I love a good bargain. I even guilt myself out of buying things until the purchase is absolutely necessary—especially when it comes to clothes and shoes. So, I’m sure my newfound fashion faux pas are no shocker to anyone who knows me. As my blogger-buddy Tanya mentioned in her last post, it is hot as Hades here in Atlanta. This has only made my situation worse (the “situation” being my looks). I’m sweaty and whiney and, yeah, I’m pretty pregnant.
I had an appointment with my wonderful doctor, Dr. Aspuru, yesterday and found out some funny news. Baby girl has been doing some growing. She was measuring a week small at my last appointment, and now she’s bigger than 16 percent of other babies at this stage. The ultrasound tech told me that if she stays in full term, she will be a healthy 8-pounder at birth! I know the measurements fluctuate quite a bit week by week, but all of a sudden people are noticing my bump, and it makes me feel better that these things seem to coincide. To me, her growth and movement just mean that she is getting what she needs, and hopefully, I’m doing an OK job. Along with my more noticeable belly, I am starting to see a faint line down my stomach, and my belly button has only become more exciting. As my friend Christy Lee described it, it’s like a little turkey timer that will pop out when it’s ready!
I was looking at my profile in the mirror last night in my too-tight T-shirt and bed shorts. My belly is really getting round. I see a little weight gain in my face, and my breasts have become heavier. I have accumulated a dark circle under one of my eyes that, to no avail, I keep trying to wipe away with eye makeup remover. Looking at my reflection, I came to realize that I am looking less and less like my early-20s self. I am starting to look like a woman who has less time to worry about the newest cotton-candy-colored hair trends, how to get lips like Kylie Jenner or even what people see me wearing to the grocery store. I will still put effort in being presentable and will care about my appearance, but for now, as I strive for comfort, I am gladly letting it go. After all, I think it’s our right to embrace the changes life has presented us.