Week 29: How about a babymoon?

By Published On: January 29th, 2016

I have to admit, I’m glad I live during a […]

IMG_9196I have to admit, I’m glad I live during a time when babymoons are actually a “thing.” I know it’s a relatively modern tradition: deciding to go somewhere fun as a couple before your baby is born. I’m fairly certain my parents didn’t jet off to some exotic place when my mom was pregnant with me (though I think I remember them saying something about a trip to Napa Valley when my brother was cooking).
When I was pregnant with Olivia, my husband and I went on two babymoons. The first, the “real deal” babymoon, was a trip to our favorite destination: Disney World. Yes, even though it was just the two of us adults. We took that trip at the beginning of my second trimester, which was great timing. I had lots of energy, I wasn’t really showing too much, and the nausea had passed. It was a wonderful time. The second was a road trip to Colorado Springs, with two nights at a bed and breakfast at the base of Pike’s Peak and two nights at the Embassy Suites in town. Both trips were lovely, and we were very glad to have had the time to take them.
This time around, our babymoon includes our current baby, Olivia. I told my husband I was going to blog about our babymoon, and he said, “Babymoon? Can you call it a babymoon if you’re bringing a child with you?” I told him, “Yes! You take your honeymoon with your honey, and your babymoon with your baby!”
IMG_9299Once again, we’ll travel to our favorite spot: Disney World.
When we originally planned this trip, it was with the intent of bringing Olivia to celebrate her first Disney experience, at the age of 18 months. My parents first brought me to Disney World when I was 18 months old, and we thought it would be fun to recreate some of the same photo ops I had on my first trip. (Dave’s first trip was at the age of 29, but I suppose we could try to recreate some of those pics, too!) At that point, we didn’t know I would be seven months pregnant when we went.
My husband and I are seasoned Disney pros but have never traveled there with a child. (But don’t worry—I hear it’s a fairly kid-friendly place.) This time around, our planning has taken on a whole new perspective. Bringing a toddler on a plane and then into the most magical place on Earth provides its fair share of challenges. How will we keep her busy on the plane? Will she be a lap child or should we buy her a seat? What do we need to bring for identification? Do we bring our own stroller or rent one? How many diapers do we bring? Will she sleep OK? Will she be scared of the characters? Will she try to stand up on the rides? And on and on and on.

The first time she spotted Mickey!

The first time she spotted Mickey!

I’ve been collecting toys and fun items for the trip since August. She has five Disney costumes: Snow White, Anna (from Frozen), Tinker Bell, Alice in Wonderland and of course, Minnie Mouse—plus a variety of Disney outfits. We’re bringing the ears we bought for her on our first babymoon, when she was only know as “Peanut,” so they can be embroidered with her name. She’s even getting her first haircut while we’re down there. I think we’re ready.
Finding out about our pregnancy meant this trip would have an added layer. I won’t be able to ride the thrill rides (and I’m super bummed to miss out on the Seven Dwarves Mine Train), but I’ll be able to do my favorite Disney activity: eat! (Remember my Week 10 post? Ohana chicken wings, I’m coming for you!) We have our dining reservations made, and I cannot wait to revel in the gloriousness of Disney food. And of course, I’m sure I can pass the time I’d normally spend riding Big Thunder Mountain shopping for our new little pumpkin.
No matter where you decide to go, taking a babymoon is a nice break from the everyday joys of pregnancy. Where have you traveled or do you plan to travel for your babymoon?