Week 29: Healthy snack options

By Published On: February 27th, 2015

Most days I still wake up and think, geez, where […]

photoMost days I still wake up and think, geez, where did this belly come from? It really is like it happened over night. Our baby shower is coming up this weekend, and the thought of it makes this thing real! Nine weeks to go.
This pregnancy I have tried my hardest to stay on the healthy track. It helps a lot that I was already on that track before I got pregnant, but who am I kidding? Pregnancy is like a rite of passage to indulge in some of the foods we love. I learned my lesson the hard way with my first pregnancy. My workouts were pretty much non-existent. I ate normal healthy foods, but I also indulged a little too much.
One thing that has helped me this pregnancy is having a very active 2-year-old. I’m sure all you other mamas could agree. Running after a toddler all day is sometimes enough of workout activity.
Everyday there is something we have to leave the house for at least a couple of hours—whether it’s for school, the grocery store or a doctor’s appointment. When the hunger during pregnancy hits, it’s completely different. If you are around us and it hits, you might as well just run—or better yet run to find food. A couple of weeks ago I was at my weekly doctor’s appointment (and was there for more than three hours) with a cranky 2-year-old who needed a nap. What was the one thing I forgot to pack? Yep, a snack. I packed Addie Rivers a cup of cheerios, and I won’t lie. I was sneaking cheerios out of that little cup. I know the people in the waiting room must have thought I was insane.
That’s when I decided that snacks were a necessity from here on out. If I don’t pack snacks, I’m more likely to go to fast food while we are out or better yet steal cheerios from my toddler.
Here a few healthy, quick and easy snacks that I love having on hand when we are out and about …

  1. Fruit- Easy things to grab and go such as bananas and oranges. These also save a lot of cleanup time for your little one. I mean really? Once they see you eating something they automatically think it’s theirs!
  2. Granola bars- Granola bars happen to be one of my favorites. Especially the chocolate chip ones. It’s like a mini treat without the guilt.
  3. Whole wheat banana muffins- I usually make these the night before, and we reheat them the next morning for breakfast. Just make a few extras, and pack them up. They are ready to throw in your bag when it’s time to leave the house.
  4. Yogurt covered pretzels or raisins- I always try to keep these on hand. Every now and then I will get a serious craving for something sweet. It’s a much better option than buying a Snickers bar.
  5. Peanut butter crackers- Sometimes when we are out and it has been awhile since I have had something to eat, I occasionally get to where I start feeling not so great. Peanut butter crackers have been a life-saver for me. They immediately make me feel back to normal.

So these are just a few healthy snack ideas that I like to keep within reach. Although there are still times that I secretly wish I forgot a snack, so I could grab a bacon cheeseburger from Wendy’s. Who’s with me?