Week 28: Sh*t is getting real

By Published On: August 5th, 2016

I was so excited to finally get those milestone alerts […]

image1I was so excited to finally get those milestone alerts from the pregnancy apps on my phone detailing everything I wanted to know about week 28. I gleefully told my husband, “We are officially in the third trimester.”
The hype was soon balanced out by an unexpected onset of stress and worry. With only 12 weeks to go, there is still plenty we need to do to get ready for our beautiful baby girl’s arrival. As we dive into the last leg of this pregnancy, there are many reminders that shit is getting real.
Now that I’m in my last trimester, I’ve found my list of to-dos growing exponentially long. This month Blake and I need to get our Tdap vaccine and pre-register at the hospital. I need to choose and order my insurance-covered breast pump, as well as work on signing up for short-term disability. We still need to take birthing and childcare classes, and take a tour of the hospital maternity ward. The list continues with things like packing a hospital bag, stocking the freezer with easy meals and shopping for postpartum care necessities.
Luckily, the tedious to-dos are balanced out by the fun stuff. The nursery is slowly coming together. We’ve built the crib and put together the gliding chair, courtesy of our mothers. The baby’s room is gradually being consumed by boxes of decor and supplies. I’m just itching for the day when we have all the pieces and can finally put together the finishing touches. It’s breathtaking to see the crib that our baby will sleep in and the glider where I’ll nurse her. I can’t wait to see the nursery completed.
This month also brings our maternity photo shoot and my baby shower. Both of these exciting events aren’t happening until the end of the month, yet I realize they are only a few weeks away. All of these things, both tedious and exciting, bring us one step closer to our baby girl. Each task we cross of the list is another reminder of how close we are to meeting our daughter. As the weeks pass and my belly grows, we are quickly approaching the biggest day of our lives, the day we become parents.