Week 28: Right-sided baby

By Published On: February 20th, 2015

Hello, third trimester! Finally we are in the homestretch. Some […]

Hello, third trimester! Finally we are in the homestretch. Some days it feels like we found out we were pregnant yesterday, and other days it feels like it was a year ago. One thing I am not a fan of: cold weather. It makes me want to stay inside in pj’s all day. Another thing that makes me want to stay in pj’s all day is being in the third trimester of pregnancy. Put those two together, and well, I pretty much live in pajamas or sweat pants these days!photo
This pregnancy has been completely different than my last. Maybe it’s a gender thing? Or maybe because it is true that all pregnancies are different. This baby is very particular already. He is constantly on my right side. I can count on one hand the number of times he’s been on the left. He has made his cozy little spot on my right side. At first it wasn’t that big of a deal, but the bigger he gets the more of uncomfortable it becomes. Thankfully it hasn’t affected my sleep any. Again completely different that my last pregnancy. I pretty much had insomnia my entire pregnancy. I think that’s one reason my daughter came out being such a great sleeper.
When I started noticing the baby always being on the right side and told my husband he became concerned. So what does he do? He Googles it, of course! We were sitting down after dinner one night, and he was looking at his phone. All of the sudden his eyes get really big. He told me, “Oh my goodness. I’m reading this article about babies on the right side, and it says girls usually prefer the right side.”
I laughed it off and tried to tell him to put the phone down, but it was way past the point of keeping him calm. He then tells me, “Ryann, what if they were wrong—and it’s really a girl?! I was planning on having a boy. What am I going to do with TWO girls?!”
By this time I was laughing really hard and had to go get our ultrasound pictures to reassure him that we are in fact having a boy. There it is plain as day. It made him relax a little, but some days he still jokes about him coming out being a girl. His room is blue and his sports monogrammed bedding is on its way. But if he DOES end up being a girl, we would be thrilled. We would just have a lot of adjustments to make.
This is my first experience with a pregnancy that the baby prefers one side. My doctor has assured me this is completely normal. How many of you have had pregnancies like this? We have another ultrasound in a few weeks. So stayed tuned to see if baby Hayes will be getting a new name and new paint color for his room.