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All mamas-to-be know that the third trimester of pregnancy brings […]

All mamas-to-be know that the third trimester of pregnancy brings a bevy of unpleasant side-effects: heartburn, cankles, insomnia. The list goes on … and on … and on.
But, thank goodness, there is also a fun side of the final round of baby growing–the baby showers, counting down the days to D-day, and the maternity photos.
With Jacob, I waited until around 38 weeks to do our photos (can we say “procrastination?” anyone?), and was approximately the size of a beached whale during the shoot. Really, I’m surprised I could even fit into the photo frame.
Having learned my lesson last time, I decided it would be best to do our photos a bit earlier. As luck would have it, my super-talented-at-everything sister recently happened to be in town, and she suggested an impromptu photo session. She grabbed her camera, and we headed across the street.
Here are a few of the sweet moments she captured:
07.01SuzannaPalmer1 07.01SuzannaPalmer2 07.01SuzannaPalmer3 07.01SuzannaPalmer4 07.01SuzannaPalmer5 07.01SuzannaPalmer6 07.01SuzannaPalmer7 07.01SuzannaPalmer8 07.01SuzannaPalmer9 07.01SuzannaPalmer10

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