Week 26: Scheduled C-section

By Published On: February 6th, 2015

I can’t believe in one week I will be seven […]

I can’t believe in one week I will be seven months pregnant. So far this journey has been pretty nice. Yesterday I had my 26-week checkup. At my previous appointment I was in and out within 20 minutes. My daughter doesn’t have pre-school on Tuesdays, so I thought it would be fun to bring her with me and let her hear the baby’s heartbeat for the first time. I must have missed the part at my last visit where they told me I would be doing my glucose test the next time. They called my name, and the nurse handed me the dreadful drink. “Make sure you drink it in five minutes, and we will do your blood work in an hour.” Seriously? An hour! But I have a 2-year-old with me. Thankfully I had plenty of snacks and books, so she handled the hour wait in the waiting room like a champ. They took my blood, and then we waited to see the doctor.photo
Once we got back in the checkup room it took another 45 minutes before we saw the doctor. Have you ever tried to wait in a small room with a 2-year-old who is about two hours past her normal naptime? It was pretty insane, and then she fell asleep on the chair and completely missed hearing the heartbeat. When my doctor walked in, he did the normal routine and said everything was right on track. He then starts talking about my scheduled C-section.
It took me by surprise because I forget I have to go through that all over again. When I had my daughter I had been in labor 12 hours with little progression. I was just ready for her to be here. That day when I woke up, it never crossed my mind that I might not be able to give birth the natural way. The recovery of my C-section was awful. I can remember it taking me 10 minutes to walk two steps, and trying to shower was just out of the question for the first two days. No one told me exactly how hard and serious it would be having a C-section. So to think I have to do it all over again makes me a little nervous. I’m not sure there is a way to completely prepare myself for a major surgery, but I know the outcome will be amazing once we are able to hold our sweet little boy. In two weeks I’ll go back to the doctor to start the two-week checkups. My doctor told me this is when we will schedule the day for my surgery. They will do it at 39 weeks. This means I have exactly 12 weeks to prepare myself. Wish me luck!