Week 25: The dreaded diabetes test

By Published On: December 2nd, 2014

The funny thing about the pregnancy diabetes test is that […]

The funny thing about the pregnancy diabetes test is that I think for most people, the anticipation of the test is so much worse than the actual thing.
I remember with my first pregnancy I was so worried about the test. Friends told me the drink was “disgusting” or “the absolute worst,” so I went into the lab expecting to have to IMG_20141126_201431choke down that neon orange concoction. But then I took the first gulp and thought to myself, “That’s it?”
I mean, don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to sip that infamous orange drink with my breakfast each morning, but in reality, I think it tastes more like a pathetic version of orange soda than battery acid. It’s just a little more sugary and a little more flat than the Sunkist you drink at a summer picnic. That’s not horrible, right?
So, this time around, I went in not dreading the drink—but ready to go ahead and get the test over. I walked into the doctor’s office, and told the receptionist I was there for my monthly appointment and also for my diabetes test. She smiled, stepped into a back room and emerged with a cute little water bottle filled with the drink.
“You have five minutes to drink this bottle. Please come tell me exactly when you are finished because that is when your hour timeline will start,” she instructed me.
Ready, set, go! I started to gulp my drink, and immediately my 2-year-old wanted a sip of this awesome drink that mommy couldn’t seem to put down. He went into a full 2-year-old temper tantrum. Oh, how fun!
Would you believe that my mom said back when she was pregnant with me and had the diabetes test, she was given the option of drinking a special drink or eating two full-size Hershey’s bars? I’m pretty sure I haven’t heard of anyone who has that option anymore. The orange drink makers probably somehow got that option taken away because their drink was becoming completely obsolete.
After I finished my drink, I reported to the desk and began my wait. It felt like it was 11 p.m. on New Year’s Eve with all the partying that my baby girl was doing in my belly off the apparent sugar high she was experiencing. Unfortunately for me, all I was getting from the drink was a big old case of heartburn.
Finally, when my hour was up, the nurse called me in and drew my blood. She walked me through what happens if I failed my non-fasting test that day. If I did fail, she would call and let me know in the next two days. I would then have to do a fasting, three-hour test. Whoa, I can barely fast the three hours from breakfast to lunch nowadays.
So, I waited on pins and needles those next 48 hours waiting for a call. I started thinking about all the items I had eaten before my test. Would that chocolate or those strawberries or maybe the stack of Pringles I ate send me over the edge?
Thankfully, I didn’t get a call; no news is good news in this case. But, for those of you who have the diabetes test coming up, just relax. It won’t be nearly as bad as you think. And the best part is, the test is designed to make sure that you and your baby are as safe and healthy as possible. Who doesn’t love that?