Week 25: The baby registry

By Published On: January 30th, 2015

Last week at 24 weeks pregnant it felt like this […]

Last week at 24 weeks pregnant it felt like this pregnancy was flying by. I was getting use to it until I realized the quicker my due date gets here the older my daughter will be, she will be ending her first year of pre-school, and she will soon be a 3-year-old. Yes I cannot wait for our sweet baby boy to get here and join in on all of the fun, but at the same time I’ve learned to enjoy the slow pace of pregnancy. I get the chance to soak in all of these moments with Addie Rivers.
photoThis week I got started on our baby registry. Now I know a lot of people don’t have showers with their second or third pregnancies, but two of my sweet friends asked if they could throw me one. I never say no to a party! Our daughter is only 2 years old, so everything we used for her is still in pretty good shape. Except for the fact that everything is mostly PINK. What were we thinking? Pink swing, pink pack ‘n’ play, pink infant rocker, pink Boppy pillow, pink Bumbo seat. Do I even need to continue? I think you get the idea. So with this one we are pretty much starting over.
As I was registering I realized how different it was from the first time I registered. Do you really need a diaper pail? With our first we found out how much easier it was to use all of the millions of plastic grocery bags we get a week. This time I made sure to only put the things I knew we would really use on there. New bottles, bibs, swaddle blankets and a must have in our family: the sound machine. Our whole family sleeps with one every night, and I honestly think that was the key for getting Addie Rivers to sleep through the night at such an early age.
I can remember at one of my showers with her I got tons of nice newborn outfits. Sadly 90 percent of those never got worn. I’m all for cute, frilly clothes, but during the newborn stage you pretty much don’t leave the house. I decided to write the top three things that I wish I had known before I registered during my first pregnancy.

  1. The diaper pail- Some might find this comes in handy, but we realized the grocery bags were the way to go.
  2. Newborn clothes- Our daughter was a 7-pound baby. She wasn’t in a newborn size for long at all. My advice is to go for more of the 0-3 months and up.
  3. Toys- At my first shower I got so many toys and stuffed animals. While they are cute, they just ended up taking up space for the first six months.

These are just a few of the things I found out my first go-round. What do you find to be the necessities during your first few months home?