Week 24: Who runs the world?

By Published On: March 16th, 2016

In case you missed it, we recently celebrated International Women’s […]

In case you missed it, we recently celebrated International Women’s Day, reminding women everywhere how BA they are for being themselves. It was a unique experience celebrating womanhood knowing I’m pregnant with a girl. I was on cloud nine all day thinking of who she will be and what she will do. Even the pronoun she makes me smile. Whether world’s best mom, entrepreneur or rocket scientist, she is going to rock it. I am already a sappy proud mom.
I have always loved being a girl and wanted to be a girl mom at least once. I would see moms out with their daughters and reflect fondly of my childhood with my mom and sister. Girls just feel familiar to me, and I can’t express how excited I am to have a daughter. I don’t deserve her, and I hope she loves being a daughter so much she desires it one day, too. I feel the need to also express my deep love for my dad—in case you are reading … I love you, Dad! There is no one like you and your patience in dealing with the three of us!
If I wasn’t already team-woman prior to pregnancy (I was), women seriously inspire me now. Not only is pregnancy an AMAZING process if you know what’s going on in there, but it’s honestly the most empowering experience of my life thus far. Initially I viewed it as a lot of sacrifice and needed change in perspective to simply get by, but now I realize I am growing a human so they can have their own life! Not only can my body grow the entire existence of a person in only NINE MONTHS, but also I get to give someone something they could never have if I weren’t pregnant—life! It’s so elementary, yet so profound. Creating life is so incredible!
Untitled2I am also convinced motherhood makes you a better person. I’m not saying it makes you better than non-mothers, but that it adds so much to the individual in a positive way. These days I love harder than I used to. I have more grace and an ease where I can brush things off because life is too sweet to worry. I feel so thankful for what I have, knowing I could have everything in life I think I want, and it would mean absolutely nothing without my husband, Matt and our baby. Being a mom makes you see the bigger picture and take others into account when drawing conclusions. You remember each person is someone’s child and his or her life has tremendous value to someone on this earth. You simply see the world differently and feel a different reason to breathe each day. It’s not all about me anymore. Thank you, God, for instilling in me a sense of gratitude through this process. I am so glad to be here.
Whether you have children or not, this is a salute to you for being a woman and bringing strength and beauty into the world. How great is it that creating life is only one of the many things we can do? We may not literally “run the world,” but we do a lot for it. So, while you are getting through the day-to-day mundane things of life, remind yourself that an international holiday was created in your honor. Go women! I’m for you!